S3 wanted......looking to buy one asap. Anyone selling?


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Mar 9, 2008
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Hi All,

Just got a new job, so looking to buy an S3 in the next few weeks. I have some preferences but am open to any dependant on the price.


1) white, any options any spec
2)Other colours, Sat Nav and Flat bottom...would love RS4 seats.

Is anyone looking to sell or currently selling there S3?

Please contact me with details
Do you still have the v6? i remember you from my cs days when you had your 182.
Wish i could have had buckets, Only problem was finding them in an Ibis white S3 in a 57 plate(my price range) was virtually impossible.

In fact yesterday when i checked mine is the Only Ibis S3 i could find on a 57 plate for under 24k. Looked on PH Auto trader and in the whole Audi network.

Are they really that rare/Hard to get hold of?


So sad my baby has to go :sign_unfair:

Mate - thats one stunning looking car.

I have just bought an Ibis white 57 plate S3 2 weeks ago and alreadu have the modding bug. Dont suppose there is any chance you would be interested in swapping the exhaust for a std system obviously with cash your way?

If you dont ask.........
No mate because the car has been remapped around the Exhaust, If i removed the DP then it will need to be remapped back to stage 1 for it too run perfect.

Want to sell it as it is, It goes really well since i put the DP on and had the Custom map. Think thats a good selling point to somebody that knows what they are talking about.

Would save somebody a few k, All it needs now is a HPFP, CAI and another map then it will be a proper rocket.

Whoever gets this is getting a top car :icon_thumright:
Has your car had front end damage as the bonnet does not match up to the front wing and light?



What it should look like!
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No it has not, Both sides are the same. I think it has just dropped a little and maybe needs a little bit of adjusting. I have only just noticed this also since taking these pics. I work in the bodyshop trade and would be able to tell if it had been in an accident.

The car is mint :icon_thumright:
Thanks for pointing that out, The paint on the bonnet and wings is original. I would see it a mile off. I am a real perfectionist when it comes to bodywork. The pics i took really highlight it actually. I had never noticed the gap. I will get right on the job 2moro and give the bonnet some minor adjustment. Im sure that is all it will need
yup looks as if both sides are exactly the same, heard a few stories about doors dropping on the a3's hope its not a full time job getting things adjusted.
I have just been out to have a look at it. The rubber bungs under the bonnet were screwed in to the maximum. I have unscrewed them a few rotations on each side and now it fits perfectly.

I cant believe i never noticed it till now being in the trade lol.

Now im worried that potential buyers might see the photos and instantly think its been in a smash.

Can the photos be edited in Piston Heads do you know as i wouldnt mind replacing them to be honest?

my door droped about 3 mm so i took it back to audi and they put it right in about half hour .
and in october i bought my ibis white s3 buckets fbsw sat nav for 23k was a bark to find as i was looking for about a year or so .
Thats why i have it up for sale now, I don't really want to get rid of it to about early April time.

But seeing as there are none about i figured now is the time to try sell it.

I have 3 people interested so but no deposit so hopefully it will be gone before long.

JSWS3 what year is yours?
I think it's a good price for an Ibis S3.

Was it easy to fit the miltek DP and sports cat the OEM cat back system?
Yea peace of cake, I don't think it loses much at all not having the milltek cat back. Think the Milltek cat back just changes the tone slightly. I mean it sounds lovely as it is. Totally different to the standard DP when on full boost.

So are you gonna go stage 2 do you think?

The DP isn't cheap but totally worth it i think
I have just had a new person ring me now. I'm realizing that maybe i can get the asking price for it. Maybe i have put it up slightly cheap? 3 people interested. I don't even have a new car lined up yet. I can see this selling pretty quickly :w00t:
I looked for a white 1 for munths and never found the right car, ended up goin for a new 1.

Glad you got the bonnet sorted, pistonheads images can be edited if you go to manage my ads in the classified section.

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