S3 vs RS3 thoughts

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My PFL was getting 3.6s to 60 at Rockingham a few years ago!


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Probably not. :D
Just out of curiosity Adam what brand of tyres were factory fitted to your S5?
Potenzas! Not a huge fan can't wait to remove them

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Out of interest how does the S5 compare Adam?

I really like the look of them, feel the extra length ? That’s what she said.
Saw a new RS5 being brought out of the showroom last week, they look angry, love them. Sound great, I would prob go with the loud green it was in aswell

I Had 19” rims on my TTS, pzero. They lasted ages to be fair and I was quite surprised.
I guess it’s the extra what 15k ?for face lift from my 25k S3 which is Mapped and I bet in real world not much difference at 375bhp . But the noise....

I know I’ve got problems, I always have the windows down through tunnels, high walls extra, one of the best sound tracks was defo straight 6 Bimmer, awesome car but fuckugly

Stage 1 with Milltek when you’re ready please.
Hi mate, I'm currently out at the moment but will drop you a PM with my thoughts on S3 Vs S5.

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Another new test here, against the M2 Competition this time:



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I was lucky to have two cars at the same time for almost a month. My S3 and my friends Rs3 55 plate who left it with me whilst on holiday.
Engine is much stronger in rs3 on a pick up and he had sports exhaust which was a beauty and the beast to listen. From the start I could hardly feel any difference. However where I'm averaging 22 mpg in london in my S3 in rs3 I was doing 14 mpg.
And the rest of the running costs such as brake / disk change, tyres etc etc are much more expensive on Rs3. So for now I'll stick with my S3, however eying new a45. But once again the price sets me back.
To each their own...