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S3 virtual cockpit retrofit pfl advice

Sean partridge Nov 21, 2020

  1. Sean partridge

    Sean partridge New Member


    I am looking for some advice. I am considering changing my mib unit to mib2 harmin and also having a virtual cockpit fitted.
    I have a 2015 s3 with b&o.
    I have bought the mib2 amp.
    After reading a lot of information I am starting to get confused.
    I will bebuying a second hand vc unit but have a few questions.
    Do I need a vc from a s3 or rs3 so I have all the functions or will a vc from a a3 be ok. Are they all the same.
    I will be changing my steering wheel for a fl wheel, will my pgl air bag fit the fl wheel.
    What and where can I get cables to connect vc to mmi.
    Any advice would be very grateful
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  3. Dubjam

    Dubjam Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    This is a pretty big retrofit , with a fair amount of coding required and modifications to the dash board. I'd strongly recommend getting it done professionally by someone like @DJAlix
  4. Sean partridge

    Sean partridge New Member


    Yes I wouldn't be doing any coding etc .i wouldn't have a problem fitting and sourcing parts though. The vc screen i nearly bought was from an a3 and after a lot of reading realised it would not have sport dials etc and would start up with a3 on screen. So I will not be buying that. I have just found a unit from an rs3 and might have a pre face-lift vc dash with supersport seats lined up.
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