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S3 to RS4 Advise

Charlie23 Mar 21, 2019

  1. Charlie23

    Charlie23 Active Member

    Hi guys,

    I currently have a S3 DSG running stage 2+ and I have always wanted and like the B7 RS4 and im thinking about biting the bullet and getting one.

    What should I expect compared to my S3 and drive ability, power wise etc etc?

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  3. Dennis Rudolfsson

    Dennis Rudolfsson Member

    Slower but better sound :)
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  4. daytonamart

    daytonamart Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Agree with above, last of the manual V8's great sound but have deep pockets as the 4 has the propensity to empty your bank balance sharpish.

    They are a heavy car so you may struggle with the bulk but on chat they take some beating imo, I've had two of them.
  5. Charlie23

    Charlie23 Active Member

    Thanks for the Reply Guys.

    Going to look at one this week. so will let you know how I get on. Will Drive the S3 there so I get the jist of them both then. haha
  6. a7medino

    a7medino New Member

    I think I can answer your question but leaving mods aside.

    I have both 2016 S3 and 2008 RS4. I drive the S3 daily and the RS4 is kept for weekends and fun drives. Keep in mind i'm doing that just to preserve my RS4 mileage and that it is now an 11 year old car. The S3 is a nice car to drive from point A to point B but I kind of dread it once I'm on the highway and where I come from most of our commutes are on main highways.

    S3 is fun but I guess since mine is a 6-speed (Pre facelift) I feel a bit of discomfort when I'm on the highway. The RS4 has a lot of power and it's pure joy to drive and is comfortable in the highway at long distance, only one thing is annoying me which is as soon as I am above 130 km/h the speed warning wont shut up.

    Also - I can confirm the CarWOW video on youtube is total BS. I was on my S3 and a friend was on my RS4, even with the S3 launching just before, the RS4 raped it. Keep in mind I have a Skorpion Downpipe on my S3 and my RS4 has just an ECS H-Pipe.
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