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I have had my 2014 S3 just over 3 months and done 3k miles, 800 miles of that was a non-stop journey to the south of France whilst still being run in. My question is how long is it normally to the first service? Having looked on the MMI it is still still saying 16k miles or 601days which seems extraordinary and suggests the car isn't working (or being worked) that hard.
I religously let it warm up gently and cool it down but don't hang about much once it is warm, a fair chunk of my journeys are on main road/autoroute so doesn't do much stop/start stuff (hardly any in fact).

What are other cars showing?



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Looks like you are on Longlife servicing. Have a look in your service book to see what that means. Personally I wouldn't have a car on longlife.


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Thanks for the input but not interested on which schedule it should be on and know exactly what it means.
People worry too much about these things and having ridden motorbikes for years producing more power per litre than the Audi and revving much higher (and of course using the same oil in gearbox) with 8-10k mile oil changes. I had several doing 100k miles plus and they were still fine, modern oil and modern engines are very very good and this idea of oil changes every 5-6 or even 3-4 thousand miles is nonsense :)

All I want to know is what people's cars are showing after a few thousand miles of use.



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Sorry, I've missed something somewhere then. You asked what other cars are showing, surely that depends on whether they are on Longlife or Normal Servicing (every 9K or so) and how many miles they've done?

I agree though, having the car serviced too often is ridiculous and a waste of money. I think around 9-10k is about right.


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Don't have my car at the moment but from memory I've also done 3k and service indicator is showing 14/15k and 500 odd days so not that different.

I was surprised at first but decided to just go with it and do what the car is telling me, which seems to be contrary to most of the opinions on here.


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Had mine serviced yesterday @ 7k, it was showing 8 days till oil change service. It will be 1 year old very sooon.


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I tend to ignore the notices and go for yearly oil and two yearly service.


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I would suggest changing the oil now to flush out any debris that may be present following the running in period; than afterwards do yearly service regardless of miles (obviously before the computer shows 0 miles remaining till next service due).

As soon as I clock up 1,500km I'll be doing an oil service then next one as per specification at 15,000km/1 year


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I think that it is more important to make sure that you just get it serviced when it tells you to! My mates lad has got a VXR Corsa, cylinder 4 has gone on it and they want £5k off him for a new engine!!!!

He said I've only had the car just over a year from new...they said "Yes but your first service should have been done four months back, which make your warranty void for this problem". He is now going through a big debate on who s paying for what and when, if he had had it serviced on time then there would have been no excuse!


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And to answer the OP's specific query. Your initial 800 miles are pretty cruisy miles, so the algorithm will calculate based on those initial miles.

However with each subsequent cold start and ignition cycle, it will adapt and no doubt you will see that interval drop.

Mine is currently at around 12k, with mixed driving.

For a new car:
It will read --/---- for a short while until it calculates / looks up an algorithm comprising number if cold starts, cold miles, hot starts, driving pattern, warm ups, miles between ignition cycles etc. etc. whereby it will then display a countdown to the next oil change.

There are references on the internet to an "oil quality sensor" but such a sensor is not fitted to the 8V.


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Mine is at 12K after 10 months of mostly motorway driving, MMI says the oil change should be due in about 500 miles, so im planning to have my first service next month :)


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There are references on the internet to an "oil quality sensor" but such a sensor is not fitted to the 8V.
Ohhh they are a sore point with me! Had my diesel car serviced and within two weeks the remaining oil life had dropped by 6%!!! When I contacted Vauxhalls head office this was the reply:

On receipt of your email I contacted our technical team, I can confirm that we estimate the oil life to degrade at approximately 8% per month if the vehicle is not used. This percentage would increase as the vehicle is being used, but there are a number of different variables and external influences that can affect you oil life expectancy.

That was the most crazy thing I had ever heard, so I sent them a reply:

Hi and thanks for the reply, but lmao what a joke, 8% per month loss of oil life if not used, more if used! So to go a full 12 months between services without having another oil/filter change done I have to not use the car that's ridiculous! A Subaru WRX STi or Mitsubishi Evo X don't go through oil like that and they are performance cars! I bought the car thinking that it would be cheap to run, granted the MPG is good, but it's going through oil like.....well a performance car not a diesel SUV.

I didn't hear anything back from them after that! Hence why I've now ordered an Audi and will never buy another Vauxhall car...and I work for GM lol.

Apparently the stop/start system doesn't help with the remaining oil life...I've gotten into the habit of turning it off everytime I start the car now.


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Had my oil changed at 1k miles and just had it done again at 13k the other weekend.


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Just found this thread rather than post a new one.

I've had my S3 just over three weeks, it is on variable servicing and it has come up with 30 days or 6500 miles to an Oil service. It has done just over 3000 miles and was registered in September 14.

I called Audi today and spoke to the service dept and they said this was unusual and suggested I spoke to the salesman who sold me the car. I spoke to him and he agreed, said he would speak to service and get back to me, which he hasn't as yet.

I suppose there are 3 issues here, 1) Does it need an oil change now, 2) Is the computer correct and why is it showing 30 days as it would take me about 9 months to do 6500 miles, and 3) Should I be expected to pay for it after picking up the car so recently.

I'll wait and see what they come back to me with, but interested to hear other experiences.