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S3 skirts on to S Line 3 door 8P

drnh May 9, 2017

  1. drnh

    drnh Member

    Hiya guys....just making a start on this post. Will add/edit it later. In the meantime so fee free to ask any questions.

    First off apologies....no pics. I did take some pics but accidently deleted them.

    I can share a couple of tips though.

    My car is a 2007 S Line 3 door.

    I bought genuine S3 skirts, used.

    All the clips came from Audi for £60. I do have the part numbers (will post pics)

    This said I hardly used any of them so will post pics of the ones i actually used.


    Kick plates.

    No clips, just stuck on with tape. Use a heat gun to warm them up and work from door shut end to hinge end with a pry tool. Once you get a few inches up you can pull them slowly by hand, not oo hard so not to bend the aluminium part.

    Front wing blade/trim

    Remove the small screw under front arch holding this on, it's obvious. There is a clip on the back of these but mine were also stuck on. Plastic pry tool and slowly work them off. You will have a tonne of dirt behind these.

    Front door blades.

    Undo the 2 small screws at the bottom of the door. One at door shut end, one near hinge end. Remove those and then slide the blade forward and they will release, keep hold of it or you'll drop it.. You will need to use the TWO clips with the screw holes in, one on either end of the door blade. The ones on the S3 blades are different and will not line up to the screw holes on the door. Remove these two and pop them in to your S3 door blades. They are tight so use a small screwdriver etc...

    Rear Quarter Blades/trim

    Mine were stuck on. Just use a plastic pry too to slowly pop them off.

    Fitting the skirts.

    Actually pretty easy but you will need to drill holes under the body unless you bond them. I used self tappers with a flange head from screw fix with extra washers washers....will post the item number.

    I will edit this later with pics of clips etc.....
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  3. TF_Si

    TF_Si Member


    Hi any chance of part numbers for the clips and for the door blades ? and some pics please, am about to do this on mine and all I have at the moment is the sills, endcaps and step trim
  4. Macaulay Negus

    Macaulay Negus New Member

    You have any pictures? Want to look to do this to mine

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