S3 Servicing?


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Had my S3 a year now, and it's done 13,000 miles.

Phoned up Audi today to see about booking it in for a Service. Apparently, it doesn't need one until 2 years, or 19,000 miles. As I now work from home, it going to be 2 years.

How do other service there S3? Every 12 months, or just wait till the car says it needs one?



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I wait until mine says it wants one, if that were to go past 12 months I would think about booking it in.


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mine will tell me it want one in 2000 miles.

i'll keep an eye on it, when it gets within 1k, ill book it in.


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It should always tell you when. But the mileage you do determines the servicing regime. Under 10K miles it should be on fixed (ie annual) Otherwise variable schedule, which gives about two years interval unless very high mileage.


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My S3 is one year old next week. It's just back from its first service. Just an oil change mind. It's only done 4200 miles. The reminder came up on my dash a month ago.


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Mine came up after 12 months and around 7500 miles for an oil service. Year 2 will be another oil service, year 3 main service.


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If you're keeping it long term you should at least get the oil changed yearly, that's what I do.


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It amazes me that the oil can last for 2 years. Back when I had a Integra Type-R I was changing the oil every 3000 miles because of the high revving lol.

My TDI is set to the 2 year plan which I am going to change to the 1 year plan(I did ask for that at my last service, but yet again the peeps at my local Audi didn't listen to me!)


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I would get it serviced now with that many miles on the original oil.

Got mine done last week at 10k, cost £200.


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Another member PM'd me the other day, he managed to get Crewe Audi to do it for £160 They had quoted me £206 for mine!!!

But then again I had two different prices from another dealer within the same week...just spoke to a different person! I think they should be a set price and time for all dealerships as it can get confusing.


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Yep oil/filter and usual inspection. Quite expensive but could be worse

I agree it's expensive for what it is, but TBH I don't think it's that bad in the grand scheme of things! I had a diesel Mokka and Lookers wanted £200 for the first service on that, with my works discount they came down to £150'ish, so £200 for a Audi and a performance Audi at that!!!


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Service light came on after 18 months and 2,700 miles.

£165 and for the price they also destroyed my alloy with the service ramp arms.

It then took them 4 months to order a replacement.

Usual amazing Audi service....


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When picking mine up I was told all the S and RS models would require an oil change every 12 months regardless of the mileage covered in that time.