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S3 saloon *** Speakers hissing

Melted1ce Jan 26, 2017

  1. Melted1ce

    Melted1ce Registered User

    Hi all,

    I'm new to this forum and am struggling to find an answer to a sound system/speaker issue.

    Currently driving the 14 plate S3 saloon with mid level Audi sound system (with their own built in sub) fitted and every now and again, all of the speakers hiss (static noise) regardless of volume, type of song, whether it's radio, music from SD card, Bluetooth etc.

    I can turn the volume down from 20 to 1 and the hissing noise would remain the same, from all speakers of the car.

    The hissing noise happens randomly and goes away after brief periods (between 3-7 seconds) and I don't think its related to the MP3 coding/bitrate as the hissing sound doesn't come back at the same point in the music if I replay the song.

    I've read on various threads that people experience issues with cracklings speakers but I would say it's a static hiss rather than crackle.

    Not many threads that have advised on hissing so apologise if I have missed it. Any ideas of what this could be, would be much appreciated.

    Do you think it's something that is covered by warranty? I only bought the car last week off a private seller and he advised me the car only has 1 month warranty left, tied to the car.

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  3. Melted1ce

    Melted1ce Registered User

    Have managed to upload a couple of videos onto YouTube to show what I'm on about.

    Thank you in advance for the assistance.
  4. GTAIVgunner

    GTAIVgunner Registered User

    Book it in under warranty because you do have video proof of the fault :) Good luck!
  5. Melted1ce

    Melted1ce Registered User


    My car went into Audi yesterday morning and they've called me today to say that they've left my car idle the entire day yesterday and today; and have driven it for 10 miles without seeing any interruptions or evidence of seeing the speaker sizzle or static noise as shown in my videos.

    Therefore they cannot put this under a warranty claim.

    I know this is BS as every time I drive the car, it's only a matter of time before the static noise comes back.

    Even though I have video evidence, they have said they need to physically see the issue.

    Anyone else had problems with claiming on Audi warranty? What are my rights? The manufacturers warranty is due to expire mid next month and so I'm a little pressed for time.



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