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Ben Griffin reviews the S3 Sb and likes it. A lot. And let's face it, why wouldn't he

Audi S3 Sportback Review

Ben Griffin road tests and reviews the new Audi S3 Sportback, a family car that's fast, functional and frugal.

Not sure what to make of this.....still some nice road / on board shots.
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Let's find rivals the MINI GP we tested. How about a S3? It sounds fantastic. And not just to see if the MINI holding up against Audi (many horses apart), but because the squeezed TFSi has a magnificent painting , enhancing the power of the top two liters sold in Spain until recently, the Mitsubishi Evo and Subaru Impreza. 300 cV Wow!

Mini GP vs Audi S3 vs BMW M135i

Those 300 cV are not the result of refinement of the electronic management or increased pressure turbo, but an engine actually improved a great new development base. Double injection type directly on startup and high part-load and indirect charges (yes, it has 8 injectors), air to air intercooler integrated into the water circuit to cool the intake air after being compressed , the turbo is mounted to unlike in the rest of the TFSi (as you look when you open the hood on the right and the exhaust on the left), reinforced many parts ... We really want to try it!


I respect all cars that have real good motors and engines S3 has always had among the very best of your time, and I love that. Anyway around to collect the car I found a problem ...

The S3 is leaving me and I have a navy? Psychological problem? with that color, I do not like. I think it is the best color for any car, just think of one that you think so, put it in black, and the car automatically improves . It is the color you choose when you do not have browsed good color choices. Even with all I have to admit that after putting S3 sun, get out of the car and I can not but recognize that this is a spectacular dark blue, beautiful color. To my surprise configurarme attempt a similar car in the Audi website and can not, the Estoril blue be Catalog Audi Exclusive ...

But the problem with this S3 is not color, is the appearance. Normally 8000vueltas not usually judge it too much but with the S3 have the chance to buy a special car but bland . The first S3 was nice, especially in view its enlargement, all perfect. The second was a little decaf, but had the most differentiated bumper and you could buy orange. This one? Audi has reached a point with the Audi A3, the point that many manufacturers are at some point in the life of a model, which tend to refine their design to the point that a sports version looks strange, and this occurs with S3 now.

8000vueltas experiencies: MICHELIN Pilot Sport - Tennis

8000vueltas experiencies: MICHELIN Pilot Sport - Tennis

Too refined, sporty little. But there is a solution, take the style black exterior package and the right tires, aesthetically appropriate only leaves options for Audi 18 "will be rare but that's how it goes well, and voila, now yes! Juan Lasheras is especially critical with the aesthetics of the S3 but I bet you would give a thumbs up, but only for their 4 rear exhaust?


The interior is something else, such as clean new compact console buttons and on 2 levels, with very good finishes and brutal equipment in this unit (about € 55,000) did leave me amazed, I can think of nothing that lacks . The best thing is that if the window down a bit it gets better. The engine breathes deep, the turbos whistle every time you step hard on the accelerator and the exhaust has a serious tone but fails to strong, fat and everything sounds together, very accomplished, so as not to touch it with any aftermarket exhaust.

Mini GP vs Audi S3 vs BMW M135i

During the first few miles I focus on savoring the feel of the S3, departure from standstill, the engine thrust in all revolutions, the shock absorber settings, address settings, touch everything but the change because we have an S-tronic, but is that change is the first thing that catches my attention. I notice on the outputs overprotective, as acting shamelessly to minimize the expense clutch so fast outputs are unnatural. Another thing is if you want to make a really quick because the launch control works great with some official 4.8 s to reach 100km / h.

1500 rpm, throttle motor and S3 (EA888) surprised by its elasticity, and strength from around 2000 until almost the injection cut. The 300HP are available to 5600 and worth continuing to rise not only because faints suddenly, what could be expected if the engine was similar to the A1 Quattro, but because from 5500 changes to the throttle ( background only) cause the S3wastedspend a few extra milliliters of gasoline to the 4 exhaust rumble with pops motivating , albeit not as strong as the famous Scirocco R.

Mini GP vs Audi S3 vs BMW M135i

The engine i like but one thing I'm looking forward to discover in this S3, is as agile as promised? Is 70 kg lighter than the model it replaces leaving him 1415kg, little more than a Focus RS is FWD. To find the maximum we tighten the S3 with cushions and address the toughest position and throttle / shift in the more "extreme" position, all ready to take full and some Continental ContiSport gastaditos something. And the truth is that when we got those curves S3 responds very well. Agility shows in how enduring understeer if speed cornering is not high but especially in how it responds to throw curves looked beyond the limit, where of course there is understeer, and when exaggeration is mitigated using the electronic differential and makes the rear axle helps a tad. Maybe the word will produce allergy understeer but the truth is that when it appears in this car is that you are being effective , in fact, very effective. I dare to say that you can easily follow a curved section to a Boxster / Cayman but I do not think that is too far or you can get only by his greater power.

Mini GP vs Audi S3 vs BMW M135i

Heads will roll a little but very little and the rear axle is always very well established, invites you to go with confidence as a madman aproximándote the limit, and when you want as quickly as possible catapult curb to curb speeding stop hit is when some lag appears in the drive, as if pondering a bit about inhale deeply. I was pleasantly surprised because until then had not missed anything in your reply.

Mini GP vs Audi S3 vs BMW M135i

But pushing the limits the S3 is inevitable surprise you the address. Audi recently committed to harden its support to enhance the sportiness , but it sometimes is somewhat artificial, as we saw on our visit to the Nürburgring B8 RS 4, where we discovered an uncomfortable duality, but in the S3, things are different. The only thing I find after the address is gripping, grip and grip. What about when it's over? For tires screeching noise, no direct communication with what happens in the wheels so the feeling is clearly filtered. It's far from the kind of direction I like, because it is not easy to know where are the tires, but we must recognize that the feeling of grip is huge and makes it seem invincible S3.

Mini GP vs Audi S3 vs BMW M135i

It is falling sleet and the ground is soaked, my eyes see, but in the hands not feel the lack of grip on the asphalt notary in another car, which is a plus amazes me, though I prefer cars touch . With the weather was not plan to risk slowing down but I'm starting to shoot for fun with the limit of lateral grip and accelerating force soon. Under these conditions the S3 is fantastic, the pointing of the direction the car is going, the steering wheel does not move a millimeter, tense and it shows very solid, not accelerate quickly and tends to slip out, but there is a problem. We got to the next town truly amazed by the performance and we get a strange smell. Tires?? Impossible, no forced braking and the ground is frozen. 's the brakes, they are acting when we step on any of the pedals and put the car in a curve with your support, that is, almost all the time. The electronic differential is able to carry your standard outside the range of temperature to overloading. Moral, if you intend to use the S3 to go to sections, which pills you put ized well. Under these conditions, the change S-tronic (6 gears) works very well, very fast, but miss it more permissive reductions. Ah is compulsory to be in manual mode since the "S" + Dynamic position usually get a march over what would you do, so just going to a different rhythm.


Precious aesthetic but without additional lateral clamping

I have to admit I love the supermini, because basically I find the best cars, and I was pleasantly surprised S3. Not a car that touches me the most sensitive fiber, but not tire of it, I liked it and would enjoy leaving my taste. For me price is not offside despite the Megane Sport or León CUPRA (eye, with this you can lose Nürburgring 8 minutes) have those features for less money, but with this Audi have a plus quality. If you like you have no excuse not to buy it because if you need more space you have the S3 Sportback and even if you lack the S3's have sedan.


Extra lap
300HP with 2 liters is not the current record, but ...

The Volkswagen group has stolen Mercedes Friedrich Eichler, engine engineer responsible for the M156, M157 and M133, ie the 6.3 AMG, atmospheric 6.2 and 5.5 V8 biturbo, and the small 2.0 360HP 45 AMG, plus Pagani Huayra engine. They say they want to beat the record of specific power with the new RS3 ...

And ... the TT quattro sport concept Geneva Salon announces the EA888 blowing 420HP 1.8 bar.
Not a review as such, but nice to watch:

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Actually a very good review. If you factor in the much smaller cost differential in the UK from Golf to S3, I'd say the S3 wins ;)

The difference on the track was 7 tenths of a second, which is near enough nothing really, hardly surprising, but for me flys in the face of the other reviews suggesting the golf was well ahead on the track, which its clearly not...

Great S3 review, really informative :icon_thumright:

Edit: It appears his post was deleted. Good job mods (not being sarcastic this time ;))
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Sometimes, when waiting for your car, you just have to read every thread and every post :p

Twice ;)

Just came across this, well worth the watch for those waiting for their car to be delivered lol
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Just came across this, well worth the watch for those waiting for their car to be delivered lol

Godd find LF :thumbs up:

Those ears on the presenter must be slow a car by around 20mph I reckon ...
I found another!!!! Need these videos to keep me going for the next couple of months lol

Watching so many of these video's it feels like I already own one and know how to use it lol

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