S3 remap clutch issues?


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Are there any possible clutch issues with stronic if the car is remapped, thinking of giac?

Is the stronic liable to less issues bearing in mind it has 2 clutches?


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The S-tronic won't cause you any issues and it would be a crime not to map the car IMO.

Give Steve (junior) a call and just swing by and try out his car, his Mrs is expecting any day now so ring first.


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As spin says no hassles at all had mine done for 700 miles now and its fantastic no probs here


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Not got S-tronic, but mines mapped, so far without any issues! (touches wood)....


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A guy ran a Golf Ed30 DSG with about 370bhp and had no issues at all.
Some of the guys in the US are running more than that reliably so wouldn't count on any issues.
Be a crime not to remap and relaese the real potential in the car...