S3 rear wheel bearing


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Jun 1, 2010
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SE Kent
Hi all,

I've got some play on my S3 2000 rear wheel and so need to replace the wheel bearing.

Does anyone know if the front bearing kit is the same as the rear?

I'm such an idiot- totally forgot about those bibles!

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction buddy :)
I just ended up ordering the rear one which worked out at £40 for an OEM part

P/N - 1J0598625
Hope you have the use of a floor press, I did my front bearing at the weekend and I used the 20 ton floor press at work, it would be a hell of a job without it.
reviving a somewhat old thread here.

Is there a way to do this without a press ?
Does the S3 have a wheel hub assy which i can buy to avoid messing with the bearing ? (and at a reasonable cost)

Is there any other parts I should replace "while i'm at it" ?

Special tool or a press on these...

I have new abs sensors to fit when I do mine but not much else to change