S3 rear quarter panel damage! HELP


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Oct 9, 2006
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Merry Christmas everyone!

Someone crashed into me yesterday (xmas eve)!:motz: I've contacted insurance. She crashed into the rear quarter panel above the back wheel. looks pretty serious, hit the wheel, car still drives fine, but creased the panel and dented in a lot.

Anyone know of anyone who has damaged their rear passenger Quarter panel on a 3 door and had it repaired?

What do you guys reckon its going to cost to fix it?


Sorry to hear bud, wouldn't worry about cost if it's going through insurance though... they would probably replace the whole panel if the damage is as bad as you described.
if it can be beaten out and filled / sprayed then that's probably a better option than cutting out / replacing an entire panel.
Just been to the body shop and they reckon about £700 - 800 . The damage is too bad to fill and spray. They have to cut out the panel from about half way down the rear next to the rear window to about halfway down the drivers side. Painful! very painful!

Thanks for your help guys!
700-800 sounds cheap to me

i reckon a rear quarter would cost 200 for a genuine one