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s3 rear end problems?!?!

sparkysi90 Nov 22, 2014

  1. sparkysi90

    sparkysi90 Registered User

    Hi guys

    New to this so forgive me if this has been answerd... I have searched and only found one post that didn't really answer my problems!..

    I purchased an s3 2002 reg and turns out the rear tyres seem worn on the outside more than the inside assuming the camber is out (car hasn't been lowerd) but it seems to be quite a bit also when hitting pot holes or small line bumped in the road the back end seems to jump out to the left or right slightly not feeling right at all ! I didn't feel this on the test drive !!! Speed bumps dont seem to be an issue and going hard round corners feels OK but small bumps seem to send it out?

    Any feedback to sort this problem would be much appreciated !!

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  3. jaykay8L

    jaykay8L Registered User

    if it were my car, i'd be checking tyre pressures, then getting it set up at a trusted place with decent kit. not done this yet on my s3, but i used a place for my last car near me that has a Hunter machine. car felt much better afterwards.

    the fact that it changes direction may suggest worn rear bushes. has it been mot'd recently?

    expect to pay £70 ish for a decent check and adjustment. best of luck with it, hopefully nothing too serious.
  4. fisher72

    fisher72 Registered User

    i would suggested getting new shock absorbers just done mine on 2002 s3 where totally gone could feel the back end go when you hit a bump
  5. Tooks

    Tooks Registered User

    Rear toe is adjustable on the S3, and the rear trailing arm bushes are prone to wear as well.

    First step is to take it for an alignment at somewhere that knows what they're doing, with a Hunter machine preferably.

    If they can't get it within tolerance, then at least you'll know where you're starting from.

    My S3 was awful in the wet, swaying around at the rear over manhole covers and bumps etc. My rear toe couldn't be adjusted within spec, so I replaced the trailing arm bushes and had it setup again, and it was transformed into a great handling car again.
  6. sparkysi90

    sparkysi90 Registered User

    Great thanks... I havnt had chance to look at it or take it anywhere yeylt as have been working away but will get it into an alignment place when I can and go from there!
  7. LennardS3

    LennardS3 Registered User


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