S3 rear diffuser on a S-Line


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Firstly I apologise for the thread as I appreciate it's a fairly common question but cannot find a definitive answer. What do I need? i.e. part numbers. I have this rear bumper which I believe is the right one?

IMG_20140924_122346 by tomwh1te, on Flickr

Also, does it look odd without side skirts?


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Hi mate

You already have the correct bumper you just need to replace the lower rear diffuser. Can't remember the part number off the top of my head. Don't look to bad without skirts but it's always nice to have them.


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Thanks for confirming I have the right bumper. Can anyone advise the right part number? When looking there seems to be 3 different ones. I'm guessing one is for a sportback so unsure which one I actually need?


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The older valance is 1 piece & yes 1 for 3dr 1 for 5dr, the facelift version comes in 2 pieces, same again 2 for 3dr & 2 for 5dr, double the price aswell, just talk to the dealer & they will find them for you.