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S3 (possible remap) v RSQ3

Scottishpedro Jul 29, 2017

  1. Scottishpedro

    Scottishpedro Member

    hi all

    I'm considering either an RSQ3 or an 8V S3 for my next car. I'd likely be buying something about 3 years old with approx 20-30k miles. I know the performance is similar for both, the s3 will handle better and the RSQ3 just sounds so sweet.

    Can anyway tell me what to expect from running costs and if there is much difference between the two in terms of service costs, cost to replace clutch, brakes etc?

    Also, how does the double clutch auto box compare to manual in the s3? Is the life expectancy of clutch on auto s3 and rsq3 decent and is it hideously expensive to replace if required? My 8p s3 had a stage 1 map and the clutch needed replacing pretty quickly afterwards, how is the clutch in the new s3, can it handle stage 1 power or is it always going to be an issue? My friend's 8l s3 lasted from 80k miles to 150k miles, until he sold it, with stage 1 on the same clutch

    Any help would be appreciated


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  3. RSS-S3

    RSS-S3 Well-Known Member Team Vegas Yellow Audi S3 Manual

    S3 manuals have clutches like chocolate.

    A RSQ3 is hugely different to a S3 .... its heavier and taller and will be hugeley different to drive at speed on back roads.

    However the RSQ3 would benefit town driving, taller seat position, better practicallity (just about) and crossover style appeal.

    The s3 would more than likely tick all you boxes if tuned and uprated. But its not a comparison to the legendary 5 pot!!

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