S3 or R32

JamS3 said:

I was at a choice between the two and honestly the R32 looks like a normal golf with a poor fitting bodykit, the kit just does not look right on the car.

The S3 to me looked right, subtle but everyone interested in cars can see what it is and more so looked like it had been designed right from the factory as opposed to sticking a few pieces of trim on for the golf to make it look more special than a normal model.

That's a really good point - those in the know, just know!!
JamS3 said:
I was at a choice between the two and honestly the R32 looks like a normal golf with a poor fitting bodykit, the kit just does not look right on the car.

I never thought of it like that, but now I've read your post I have to agree!
JohnS3 said:
I never thought of it like that, but now I've read your post I have to agree!

Cheers John

Next time you see one have a look at the side skirts and rear bumper etc.

The skirts look stuck on especially when they join at the rear arch, the S3's ones are moulded to the body properly and look as if they should be there from the start!
I'm too late in this discussion again. I own a MKV golf 1.9tdi, and was tormented by the choice we're discussing here. I think the R32 is the more beautiful car, and was tending more to the silver colour too. I test drove both on the same day and was absolutely blown away by the R32 it remains my dream car. But one fateful day in spring time (after a particularly rubbish trip offshore!) I bit the bullet and went off at a bit of a tangent! I was swung by the Standard kit arguement that is mentioned above.
After getting over my diesel frugality and stopped searching for torque below 3000rpm I am proper chuffed by my motor.

Exclusive? Well I and the guys that pre checked it on Sept 1st have seen nothing like it!

I have just sold my R32 DSG (my ad was here with pics http://www.eastwestracing.co.uk/html/r32_ad.html ) i have only had my S3 2 wks and now I am in Iraq, so will not be driving it until June!! I wrote a review http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/showthread.php?t=47075 and made a few comparisons against my R32 in it.

they are both very different cars. The R32 sounded wonderful, it was smooth, which gave the impression it was not lighting fast! DSg is a must and was beutiful in heavy traffic and the paddles always caught the eye.

It did however rattle alot, had problem with brakes and steering was awful, all problems associated with the r32.

The S3, well altogether very well put together! very well made, feels very tight and ooses quality and prestige. Ride is firmer than R32, but seats are more comfortable (i had recaros in r32)

Feels so much more livelier and lovely whistle from turbo. Does however sound like a diesel on tick over! steering is superb, very light, if too light, but better than r32.

looks are very understated, could easily be mistaken for an s-line to the untrained eye.

If i had to choose, it would be hard. i like qualities form both cars and to be honest have not had the S3 long enough to make a proper asumption.

Try each of them out.

mitch78 said:
I agree, especially the bit about the DSG. Yes, it changes very quickly and very smoothly, but if you read a lot of the threads on here you'll find out that it isn't truly "semi auto" it still changes when it wants to and not necessarily when you want it to. A bit pointless really in a car like the R32.
Most those threads refer to the DSG with the diesel engine though. With a wider rev band with the petrol engines the revs should never drop enough to change down when in "manual" mode in any form of spirited driving and it will change up on the rev limiter.

Diesels start to lose power well before the rev limiter so the DSG changes up at the more efficient time even if it feels less racey.

IMHO with the petrol engines the DSG in manual mode won't change on their own unless you decide to let it (e.g. rolling up to a junction and not changing down) or let it change up on the rev limiter when overtaking.

Maybe it works better for drivers bought up on changing down through the gears rather than those bought up on block changes approaching roundabouts etc. If you modify speed and then select gears the DSG may already have changed down. If you go down through the gears whilst decelerating you will never get "out of range" for the DSG to take over.

This rev range is much bigger for the petrols of course and typically you wouldn't get into the low rev ranges (below 1500) that you might with a torquey diesel.

Without the slushy torque converter the DSG does make for a sporty auto with a decent manual mode unlike most other tiptronic implementations.

It comes down to personal preference of course but I wouldn't dismiss it as pointless based on its implementation with an engine with quite different characteristics.

I preferred the Mk4 R32 even though dynamically the Mk5 is the better car. The Mk4 had far more road presence.

Got in the Mk5 and other than the seats it just felt plain ordinary, and considering the price thats just not good enough. The front end of the S3 is more responsive than the R32, and whilst I would admit the dampers on the R32 are better suited to UK roads I can live with the slightly firm S3.

R32 sounds glorious too. It's a bit Jetta'ish from the front, but the backs better than the S3 which is just unimaginative.

Tough call, but we had always faniced an S/RS car and we couldn't curently afford a new RS4 so the S3 was the best compromise.

I 've really learned to love the S3, which is good news becuase I was indifferent to start with. Either is good, so its win win!
I tried out both and even with my previous Audi bias i still felt the S3 was the better package. The R32 i tried out in the smashing Deep Blue colour was a treat to drive,excellent seating position and roaring V6 note , but as once i had sat in the S3 it felt like home. The S3 was lighter to drive,had a quieter cabin,excellent robust quality and spitfire acceleration.
No contest for me once you do the test drive. On a cost note.Yes the S3 is more expensive but the R32 when similarly spec'd is in the same cost bracket. Add to that higher tax and higher petrol cost in this current outrageous cost of petrol and again the S3 wins.
Here in Poland R32 is more expensive than S3. That's why I haven't seen any. I think that the General Importer doesn't want this car to be sold here. It sounds funny but it feels like. I haven't driven R32 but as I read all the post I would't like to buy this becouse of the oversteer. It spoils the fun.
KRL said:

Have you test driven both cars? This is the only sure way to find out which one you like best.

Everybody will have a different opinion on which car is better and why. Therefore make sure you test drive them both before you spend your hard earned $$$

Well if anyone would like to test both cars we have both in our fleet.. a 07 S3 in black with sports bucket seats, bose system etc and the trade mark blue 57 plate R32.
Wow, I lost this thread yonks ago! I made it back when i was in the throes of a split decision.

However, after taking the S3 out for a run, i didnt even try the golf!

Loved the S3 to bits!! Roll on March :rockwoot:
Good man!
Enjoy the wait - I got mine last March 1st... the last month was painful... not looked back since!
So, come on, what spec you go for???
I think ive put it on another post somewhere AND i should have it in my signature, but for some reason its not displayed even though if i go to UserCP and click "edit signature" all the text is still in there after loging out. Very strange. Here is my spec:

Ibis White
Black Recaros
Multi function Flat bottom wheel
Ipod prep
phone prep in arm rest
Rain/light sensor pack
...after owning a mk4 r32 from new and in 11 months having 3 engines, 14 clutches, a new gearbox, complete rewire inside, new xenons and 3 stereos, then having the finance people at vw black list me for owing them £18k when they had actually had the car rejected & returned, i decided to go for the new S3!!... for some reason just didn't want the mk5 r32!! :eek:)

..... now i'm just bored with ****** waiting for the thing to turn up!!

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