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S3 or MK4 R32???

Ralph Jan 5, 2010

  1. badger5

    badger5 www.badger5.co.uk Site Sponsor

    buy a 3.2 Audi A3 as a comprimise
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  3. Westy

    Westy Registered User

    BAsically its all down to how much you've got/want to spend. You could aim to buy an S3 which already has a remap and all the suspension and brakes done and it will still be a fair few grand cheaper than the R32.

    It's all down to personal prefference. Go and test drive both.
  4. FazS3

    FazS3 Registered User

    R32 as previously stated, the driving feel is so good. The big chunky steering wheel and the koenig seats. Miltek exhaust and an intake will enhance the sound of the V6, where the S3 does not have no note to the engine, almost sounds like a diesel upon start up! Out of the box R32 handles alot better and the standard brakes are pretty decent too. Im pretty sure heated seats as standard, mine had armest, sat nav, cruise control, auto dim rear mirror and a few other extras.

    Depends on how much your looking to spend...but if I was to go down the R32 route again, it would have to be cams or turbo, just depends how far you want to take it. The only thing that puts me off the R32 are the amount of reps there are! I dont know why just annoys me and whilst I had mine there were a few about and it put me off my car to an extent LOL. R32s like a drink though and around town they can prove to be very heavy on fuel but to be expected from a 3.2 V6, my suggestion to you drive both and take it from there...also depends on what your budget is!
  5. golf

    golf ***** rent boy VCDS Map User

    If you think a standard S3 drives better than a standard R32 then I'm afraid you are blinkered. I wasn't actually referring to you, but there are a lot of people here who don't take kindly to criticism of their beloved S3's. I'm not talking about as an all rounder or whatever, purely as the better car to drive. In standard form the R32 wins every time, it's as simple as that. I'm talking strictly standard, anyone can spend ££££'s on sorting out the suspension and brakes.

    The Golf is better equipped by offering more features and luxury AS STANDARD than the S3, that's how. So what if the S3 comes with "pretty much everything you'll likely to need"? The same can be said of the Golf as it has 18" alloys, auto wipers, heated seats and a CD Changer as standard which are either options on the S3 or simply not available. They both have xenons, leather seats (1/2 in R32), ESP, climate control etc, the only thing the S3 has over the R32 is full leather, electric seats and BOSE and an arm rest BOTH of which were options.
  6. badger5

    badger5 www.badger5.co.uk Site Sponsor

    the R32's soundtrack is just so nice ... its makes you "blip" the throttle on down shifting its so addictive..
    (especially with a nice exhaust on it)

    thirsty beasts.. yep..
    when push came to shove when I was looking for one, S3 was on my list, or A3 quattro, R32, but I had to get a car which could tow my ibiza racecar, and R32 fell out of the choice as it could not have a towbar fitted.
    I still would have one tomorrow. just to hear it and blip the throttle.. the driving responce from instant big engine/small car was superb. Chassis and handling were better than the modded cars I often see thru myworkshop (out of the box). Yea, if I had aspirationed for more power to make the overly capable chassis work, then it would be a lot of £. S-Charger and 350+bhp and it would be even more excellent. S3 to me does'nt hold a candle to one. I luv the 1.8t (would'nt consider it anything antiquated tho!!) and tunability for 1.8t is immence.. You can't beat a big engine tho for general road car appeal

    (says the man who ended up getting an Audi S6 4.2, 40v V8)
    RoAr - V8 growl..
  7. S3quatt

    S3quatt Flat Oot like a ducks Foot VCDS Map User

    I agree with some of the posts above, & this is an unbiased opinion.

    I drive an S3, a few of my mates have R32's 1x Mk4 & 2 with Mk 5's.

    Out of the box, the 32 defo handles better. The S3... Well see above.
    In a straight line I'd say there pretty equal. The extra power of the 32 is wasted carrying the extra weight.

    A mapped S3 will out drag a 32 easily, but without handling mods the 32 beats the S3 hands down on the corners. Also with the S3 you'll be up & down the box trying to keep up through the twisties.

    As far as economy goes, the mapped S3 will still get over 30mpg driven quickly whereas the 32 will struggle to get that taking it easy, & driven quickly the 32 will be down to low 20's.

    Given the choice, I'd have the R32 looks & handling, & the mapped S3's performance & economy.

    Come to think of it I should have kept the old S2! RS2 front bumper, & gorgeous coupe lines!
  8. 1animal1

    1animal1 The Clar!! it mouves!!!

    Golf, i never said the R32 handled better than an S3...... im not against what you've said but both have things the other doesn't have..... to be fair i dont know enough about the R32 to fully comment as i have already stated, but i wouldnt change my car for an R32 due to various reasons listed above..... as much as i like some of the bits, the S3 still ticks more boxes for what i use it for

    I also forgot, i matched a TT 3.2 a few weeks ago with the misus 175bhp Mini MCS..... and the Mini isnt as quick as my mapped S3, although agreed the TT is a different car..... with the same engine
  9. paul_b

    paul_b Registered User

    I was thinking that, the price of good low mileage S3s is now such that if you have to do full suspension, a remap, and brake upgrade you are up to nearly 10 grand, for what is still going to be a 8-9 year old car with 70k+ miles...

    The 3.2 A3 is a bit dull compared to an R32 but with some H&R springs and a nice set of wheels, maybe an exhaust you could still have change from 10 grand and a newer generation car & chassis. The brakes are **** hot as standard, 345mm discs.
  10. Ronburgandy

    Ronburgandy Taking it back OLD SKOOL

    I havent really read what everyone else has put but from my dilema being the same I went for the s3!

    Clear reason being, I have a mk2, its brilliant, the R32 in the mk4 version is unfortunately 2 models old now and the capability of tuning the R32 lump is possible but its dam expensive to Turbo it or Charge it compared to the S3!

    Also the petrol costs put me off and the R32 a likes out there made me a bit wary too!

    Bearing in mind if you buy a 53 plate or later on a 2004 you get the lovely advantage of paying £400 road tax!

    Hope you make the right decision anyway bud, I think I did

  11. ianysm

    ianysm Registered User

    Didn't realise the economy was that poor on the R32. Given the cost of the cars in the first place over the S3 and the extra costs to modify it i'd prob go the S3 route (again)

    But if i would also consider an M3 over an R32! Similar price, far faster!
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  13. emery1990

    emery1990 Registered User

    If you sau youve only done 800 miles in 6 months then id probally go for the car thats more fun to drive, as ive got the a3 quattro and it isnt very exciting to drive. i probally enjoy it more as ive not had any over nice cars to compare it with !

    what would you use the car for anyway, a weekend car ? or a car to travel long miles.

    But the ride of an audi is soo nice though tbh and having boost avaiable for most of time, cant copmment on r32 but guessing youve got to be in the high revs area to zoom off quickly rather than the turbos, being in mid range revs.

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