S3 Oil Leak.


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My S3 seems to have developed a slight oil leak, i have noticed oil sat on top of the gearbox bellhousing so it must be from the right hand side of the engine if looking at it from the front. Is there any common problems with cam cover casket etc, its hard to see where its coming from but the side of the head looks clean. ? ? ?
Its a 2001 AMK done 99,000miles


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Rocker cover gasket is apparently common, I did mine about 18 months ago, it was leaking slightly on the cambelt side on my car @52k miles.


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mine is the same, cleaned everything off so that I could see where any new oil is coming from, but still can't track it down.
Will probbaly end up stripping everything down just to find it's something really stupid.


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Ok thanks i'll check it out, might be worth doing gasket as its cheap to do and go from there.