S3 Oil Breather pipes - seriously degraded!!


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Jan 8, 2003
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Hi all
I've recently got a '02 S3 BAM, and it has a slightly rough idle and seems to have a slight misfire at times.

The car was on longlife til 70k miles then oil every 7k from then on. I decided to investigate the breather and vac lines to see if they were the problem.

The oil breathers are in awful shape, can't actually see any splitts but they a basically collapsing and full of junk as is the PCV valve.





Under the manifold i can also see one of the vac lines is spliting.


I was planning on pulling all the pipes out and seeing if any can be salvaged and replacing the others, i see that Forge do some replacement pipes, but was wondering if anyone had any advise on parts to replace and other engine parts that might need cleaning/repairing as a result? or any other help would be really good!!

I had this same problem matey. I changed mine to the Forge breather hose kit last week and everything is spot on again. You can even hear the car idle better! So much crap came off the old pipes it was crazy!

I have a brand new Forge breather hose kit at home still all sealed up so if you want it you can have for £35 delivered 1st class recorded.

Hi Jay, yeah i was actually quite shocked how my crap there is inside them, i was just taking them off to have a look what i need to get, but can't bring myself to put them back on the car!! think i'm gonna leave it tucked up on my drive till i get the new pipes. Are the ones you've got for sale the kit with three pipes or the cam cover breather one? found the 3 piece kit for £28 delivered
Troopa, what colours the kit?

Common fault with these cars, your better off replacing all rubber based pipes with silicone, all breather, vac, boost lines.
I had to replace the vac pipe arangement under the inlet manifold.
part no. 06a133789
Why didnt you just use silicone barter? Alot cheaper and will last alot longer!
there were quite a lot of tight bends and there were a few fittings that looked like they could have been non return valves or something. Just laziness really, iv no doubt that it could be made cheaper and better quality out of generic silicone, i just couldn't be bothered!
Im going to check out my oil breather pies after seeing this.
Cheers guys, gonna go and finish pulling them out in a minute. I was planning to do the oil breather in silicone, but was thinking same a Barter and replacing the whole vac oem assembly (thanks for the price!) when it's all out i'll see if it would be easy to do in silicone
the forge kit looks a good shout, however the hoses which the forge items replace weren't split on mine, it was split elsewhere.
Do you get the plastic thing in the middle as well?
ok all out and have cleaned up the rigid pipes which i can re-use, so i'm going to replace all the rubber parts and valves in the oil breather system. Not 100% sure about the under manifold vac, only one pipe has actually split, but if one has i'm sure the others will fail soon.

Parts needed
Lower pcv t-joint 058103247A
Lower pcv t-joint valve 035103245A
Upper pcv, pancake valve 06A129101A
under manifold VAC 06A133789
Forge 3 piece oil breather kit
Forge Cam cover breather
16mm dia 250mm long silicone hose

@ Dani_B19 have you redone your vac lines in silicone? i was wondering what to do about the joints as you'd be changing rigid pipes for flexible?
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Ok i'm now thinking about deleting the VAC lines and also fitting a catch tank, the cost of the oem bits is stupid, not sure it's worth replacing, if the catch tank and deletion works well??
For the vac system look at doing the n249 deletion, only takes a metre or so of 3mm or 4mm ID silicon hose. I'm looking at doing the oil catch can too, to simplify that system as well and prevent oil vapour going into the intercoolers, especially when I go FMIC.
Yes mate, all my vac lines have been redone in 3mm red silicone, also did the n249 bypass while i was at it.
Thanks Thorsy + Dani
Yeah i guess i'll do the lot while it's off the road, only had it on the road for 6 days!!! still find it hard that it ok just to delete these things!!

Looking for a catch can similar to the saikoumichi one, which has the baffles etc, can really wait for delivery from US, not sure yet if the greddy or forge have the same design...

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