S3 Navigation plus RNS-e failure


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The RNS-e malfunctioned yesterday when I was driving. The screen has gone blank, but the radio station that I was listening to kept on working. I couldn't shut off the unit, even when I turned the car off and took the key out. Also when I turn the lights on, the buttons on the RNS-e are not illuminated. I can hear the fan working from time to time and when I hold the on/off button for a long time, it kind of restarts and a loud sound can be heard from the speakers. At one point it even started to play a song from a radio station I last listened to, but I couldn't do anything else, I couldn't change the volume, turn it off, or do anything, so I had to pull the fuse out from the fuse box next to the engine to shut it off. The RNS-e is made 5002/18/12/2009, the part number is: 8P0 035 192 Q, H80 0650, it has a CD/TV button and a chrome jog dial and a chrome on/off button. I think it's a minor glitch or something because the radio worked, aldo it doesn't work now. Also, when I turn the car off, and take out the key, it still works, and I can hear the fan, and the screen tilts. Is there a solution of this problem, and what would a malfunctioned unit like this cost?
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Mine did that 3 months after I bought it second-hand. Don't put the fuse back in as it'll flatten your battery. Mine was a mk 2 and the seller swapped it for me, fortunately.

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