S3 Muffler delete / turbo elbow


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I was looking at getting Stage 1 soon and want to make the most of it so have been looking at the turbo elbow, muffler delete and silicone inlet from filter to turbo pipework.
I think I will keep the CAT and panel filter (Albeit an uprated panel)

What is the benefit of the muffler delete and elbow + silicone inlet pipe? are they a straightforward fit?

Would I get any benefits from each of these before the remap?


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Hose and elbow are literally a 10min job, turbo muffler is a little more involved,
And not really a worthwhile job.
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I would recommend the turbo technics intake pipe as it replaces the original turbo inlet.

I have also done the turbo muffler pretty straight forward as well. This part will improve the sound of your turbo spooling and improve response due to it single billet design that eliminates the restriction and turbulence caused by the OEM part.


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I did a few things in one go - turbo muffler delete, intake pipe, induction kit, turbo elbow. Although the biggest difference came from the induction kit, the overall responsiveness hasnt really changed too much...but the top end is stronger IMO...over 5.5k the car pulls harder than it did before, especially in the higher up gears...

I also did this in prep for mods I will be carrying out a bit later - stage 2 in my case