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Facelift S3 - Mileage Concern

alpesh26 Jul 30, 2019

  1. alpesh26

    alpesh26 Registered User

    I've got a 2017 S3 on a 67 plate, but due to a change in work circumstances, I'm racking up quite a lot more mileage on it, its currently at 27k and I estimate i'll be doing 15-17k for work. I know this is going make it depreciate more.

    If this was you, would you keep the S3 and run it into the ground or change it ASAP for something else before depreciation kills its value because of the mileage?

    On a run from Wigan to Luton last week I got 43mpg (calculated properly, i.e. not going off the DIS) so it's not bad at all on economy.
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  3. Adam14

    Adam14 Registered User

    I might be able to relate, I had the S3 and done 15k miles in the first year, I only changed as got a great deal on an S5 and was able to swap without much "negative" equity. About £500.

    I'd have carried on doing that mileage as the car was fun, fast and "frugal" when needed but the insurance was very steep for me due to my age, but was well aware.

    In terms of your question if you can afford to, then why not? However if you're not sure then of course it'd be a lot cheaper to say change to an A3 and have the more economical choice, better fuel economy, cheaper insurance and running costs.

    End of the day it's your choice, everyone is different.

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  4. AlS3BE

    AlS3BE Registered User

    Cheapest option is buy a cheap diesel runabout for the commute and keep the s3 as weekend toy.
    A good £3-4K car is cheaper than probably 20k worth of depreciation per year.
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  5. Ormesome

    Ormesome Registered User

    Im sorry but its an S3. its hardly a limited edition sports car. The depritiation is going to be there no matter what! you do not have a car that is depretiation proof, a new model is coming out soon which will hit your finances more than a few thousand miles on the clock. I really fail to see the point in changing cars. You do not state the way you bought your car, perhaps if you bought on a pcp and have a limited mileadge contract then yes i see the point, but otherwise do not forget that it is still machine.
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  6. Matt Titanium

    Matt Titanium Registered User

    Unless you sell and buy privately, the dealer's cut of changing will far outweigh the the extra 'loss' in depreciation for the car having extra miles. Any car you buy will be worth proportionally less the more miles you put on it.
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  7. JohnM100

    JohnM100 Registered User Gold Supporter VCDS Map User

    Agree. If the mileage gets high and you keep it then so what - most of those miles are low engine stress motorway miles.
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  8. kevpuk

    kevpuk Registered User

    Wouldn't worry too much.....not convinced mileage has that much of an impact vs a really tidy/good spec car - obviously, within reasons, like not moon miles.....

    My 67-reg has 28k now, and is essentially on 10k pa PCP...… only 2k in the next 13 months is unlikely. However, come sale time, I am pretty confident that the circa. 40k it will be on will not make a massive difference to 30k, as things like the spec, condition and so on will be attractive to prospective buyer :)

    Of course, might be wrong, but was a similar story on previous car - Mercedes CLS on 42k miles after 3yrs, again on 10k pa PCP, sold privately for a small 'profit' over settlement, rather than a large excess mileage bill (circa. £3.5k) with Mercedes.....
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  9. josul

    josul Registered User

    Without trying to sound like the advert; stick your reg into webuyanycar.com and get a valuation. Do it again with adding 15k miles to get an idea on how much of a difference it will make. You dont need to put your real contact details in to get a quote.
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