S3 lowering needed, need advice

DPM said:
Yeah, the tie bars aren't cheap. The prices i've quoted do already have some discount but for all three items bought together, we'll do it for £699 all in!

What would the price be without the tie bars please? Already got them sitting on my bedroom floor! lol!
That's an excellent price Damian. Thanks. I'll be in touch as soon as. Hopefully I can spare some funds from my moving house budget...

yeah I wanted the price for the Bilsteins aswell, just thought Id ask as everyone else has... and actually didn't see that post. Thanks
2 questions. Firstly, when will the revised quote be out mate? Secondly, and this is gonna sound strange, did anybody with this setup struggle getting their doors open? I'm struggling as it is on standard stuff!


Due to high kerbs! lol! Can't get my door open more than 45 degrees outside my birds house!
I spose I can always let her out before I park and then park on the left of the road! lol! Where there's a will...
Do you do Koni FSD shocks mate? If so how much? Cheers :)

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