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S3 inlet manifold on a A3 1.8T?

TheRunningMan Oct 16, 2020

  1. TheRunningMan

    TheRunningMan Registered User

    Ok this is a bit of a hypothetical one as I have too much time on my hands to think about things but would it be a relatively straightforward fit? I was thinking from the point of view of fitting a front mount intercooler I don't like the route the pipework generally takes on the A3 and a neater install could be achieved using the S3 manifold.
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  3. S3AMJ

    S3AMJ OEM+

    You would have to consider a few things, port size of the head on your car, you can get transitional phenolic spacers to combat this. The other thing to consider is if your car is cable throttle or drive-by-wire which S3’s are.

    I’m not sure about any other differences.

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  4. Dohcwp

    Dohcwp Setting the Standard

    if its an Aum/AUQ DBW a3 or lets just say facelift 8l a3 you shouldnt really have a problem since they all have small port heads like the s3's, the s3 injectors are probably different so you might have to source some injectors also along with the manifold as the a3 ones might not fit directly.

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