S3 injector failure ......


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So, my 16 month old S3 has now had a new high pressure fuel pump & now having a new injector as one has failed. Broken down & recovered twice - not impressed, anyone had similar issues ?
Audi dealer has said sorry, will return car to you asap.
Any comments....

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Have had a Fuel Pressure Sensor replaced and a couple months later had my High Pressure Fuel Pump replaced to. Currently 15K miles in!


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Sensor, microphone, high pressure fuel pump and tomorrow a new clutch!! It's like S3 top trumps but in a bad way.


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@HawkeyeS3 has had a turbo, 2 injectors, fuel pump replaced :)


Such high quality cars! :lmfao:

As veeight says, car was off road for 2 weeks, the main problems were the high pressure fuel pump and the 2 injectors. After that mine (apparently) ran OK, but as the turbo sliders were very noisy as well, they replace the turbo as a precaution. Car one year old at time, 200 miles out of its first service and had covered 8k miles only.

For me it's knocked my confidence in it's reliability, especially seeing the amount of threads on here from others with water pump failures and similar "happenings". I mean this IS supposed to be a quality car - isn't it? I was going to trade in for an RS, but in all honesty this is probably my first and last Audi, I'll either go BMW 135i next or Merc A-Series. Especially since my wife's A1 is now starting to show issues with the electrics and that's only 6 months old and done 1500 miles! For crying out loud! Quality on Audi's IMO is very much less than expectations - I've listened to the diatribe too much.

Yes you can tell I'm less than impressed with my S3. Just don't trust it anymore since it broke down. And it seems with common faults.

Not good enough Audi. Not good enough by far.