S3 Induction kit


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Hi all, got a 62 plate s3 3 door standard at the minute but I am looking to upgrade air filters etc ready for a map in a month or so. Was just wondering what peoples suggestions are for best induction kits and so on



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I've got a wide pipe ramair and I really can't knock it! One of the cheapest, but it is very loud... Too loud sometimes I think, many lads on here will tell you to go revo etc depends on what you want to spend really mate


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Excuse the messy engine bay



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No worries my mate will have a look into them getting a feel of what's what before I start ploughing money into it you see for the summer!

Cheers bud


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Performance wise I personally think a decent panel filter will do the same! Some my argue that tho


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Revo all day, looks the cleanest, works brilliant with the custom remap i habve and i love the dumping noise i get when i come off boost!


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Depends on what stage of tune you are going to.
If it's a stage 1 then it's not overly important and you can choose just about anything, even a panel filter.
If your going more towards 2+ then look towards an open filter over a sealed setup if you want to maximise your gains. The Revo is the best in that respect, the way the intake pipe is manufactured is mainly why it's the best


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Old style ITG here....

Quiet,efficient,but not pretty.

As -Ju- says,choose the level of tune etc that you intend to go to,and then you can select the right intake.
We got by on the stock intake up to Stg2,but no further,and of the current systems,the Revo is the neatest,and probably the best.

Having said that,the old ITG will work well to above 600bhp.


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The two best induction kits out there for the S3 are Revo and the old ITG without question.

Revo do two versions, the standard powder coat or Camcoat for an extra £100 which is a thermal resistant coating. I personally have the Camcoated version and it's the dogs, Revo looks the best in my opinion and sounds sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! A CAI is not required for stage 1 but it is a lot of fun, a must for stage 2+ though.