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S3 Headlight Issue

Stevofoz Oct 1, 2014

  1. Stevofoz

    Stevofoz Registered User

    Hi All,

    I recently lost my O/S headlight which of course threw a warning light on the dash. After some investigation I discovered it was not the bulb so ordered a set of new bulbs and ballasts from T8ups (at a great price!).

    I have replaced bulbs and ballasts (not an easy task) and everything has been fine for about a month. Tonight when switching the lights on the same bulb has started playing up. It comes on for a split second then goes straight off.

    I have checked the fuses and everything is ok there, I'm assuming the new ballasts and bulbs are fine so I need to know if there are any other weak spots within the lighting circuit that people have had issues with in the past??
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  3. Tooks

    Tooks Registered User

    Switch the bulbs around and see if the fault follows or stays on the same side?

    It's not behind the realms of possibility that one of either the bulbs or ballasts is playing up and it's coincidence it's the same side as your previous issue.

    Or, there could be a problem with the wiring/voltage to the ballast, so get hold of a multimeter and start probing the wiring from the ballast backwards.

    Be careful poking your multimeter anywhere near the ballast itself though, obviously!

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