S3 Haldex in the wet


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Scenario - I'm at a junction and i floor it at about 4k...what happens...i almost hit the rev limiter whilst at a standstill?

Did I spin all 4 wheels or did the haldex not kick in?

Bizarre..didn't try it again as my clutch was smoking some what!



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Are you sure you were in gear?:undwech:


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Are you a wheel chair user...?


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im guessing the clutch slipped, if there was lost of traction the ESP light would have come on.


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Clutch slip buddy, happens to me if i give too much beans before i dump the clutch. Did the same on the R32 i had before...
Too much right foot= slipped stinking clutch :racer:


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I am afraid we are looking into dna here sorry man you mabye just dont have it... :racer:


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You can see the oil under the wheels in the video ... remember talking bout this with someone ages ago


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Skills to that man, it was the baseball cap, one hand on the steering wheel and the gangster lean that added the bhp needed to do that.


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the haldex has a torque limiting clutch, it cuts in if you give it to much beans


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I'm quite sure that there is actually a 2.7 bi-turbo engine lying under that bonet ;)

@Dazzeroo: did you release the clutch all at once from fully pressed ? The first start i had in my S3 was from 4k rpm and the clutch half pressed, and resulted in clutch slipping all the way to rev limit. The wheels did not spin at all though. As 4wd is actually not engaged at standstill the haldex needs to detect slip from the front wheels to kick in so a quick release of the clutch will do that.