S3 gone - Having a clearout!


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Hi All,
Havig a clearout now the S3 has gone and wanted to offer here before ebay...

Dension Ipod prep for concert/chorus - £20 - control from HU
Connects 2 Ipod connector with loom- Concert/chorus - £20 - Control from HU
Sony Xplod MP3 6 cd changer Audi compat with connector box and all looms - £60
Audi a3 CD changer glovebox for OEM cd changer £50
OEM 6 cd glovebox autochanger - £80

All plus postage PM for info...


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How does ipod connectors/prep work? I might interested depending what they are and how hard they are to install. The standard Audi ipod interface is cack.


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Dension sold subject to payment!...

It uses the CD changer interface so is used instead of...
Line level input so quality is good then previous next selects tracks, and the cdc 1 through 5 selects playlists I think...
You can use the controls on ipod also as the connects 2 doesnt disable them.


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does the ipod kit/connection display the track info?
iv been trawling through all the threads, and its not clear which one does what?
i got my 05 A4 on thursday and i need my ipod/phone connecting.
if all i need is your;
"Dension Ipod prep for concert/chorus - £20 - control from HU
Connects 2 Ipod connector with loom- Concert/chorus - £20 - Control from HU"
il definately have them,


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the Ipod connectors do not show the track info on the screen, they show up as if you are playing a cd changer cd (cdc1,2,3,4 etc) and thentrack <> is forward and back.

The Dension is now gone but I still have the connects 2 and an OEM audi Ipod prep.


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ok can you actually get ones that show track names?

from the ones u have left, is there a difference in quality?
and are u able to scroll through albums etc... or is this one of them that uses playlists?

sorry if im asking silly questions, but as i said, iv searched through loads of posts and alot seem to contradict each other.



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PM me for detail if you like... I think Dension do a gateway connector but its quite expensive and that does show track names on radios that support it (i think RNS and maybe chorus 3?)..
Connection uses line in so quality is very good; you use forward and back to scroll through the tracks on the ipod, and the cdc 1-6 for playlists. cdc6 selects all tracks sequentially.