S3 Gearbox help! Probably expensive


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Hi all,

Firstly, I've read through most of the gearbox woes threads on the forum. I think I might have sheared a selector fork (FML if this is the case). But not a 100% sure as my case seem a little different.
Hoping to get some feedback/advice.

For context - I drive an 02 BAM S3 8l, and I have a dieselgeek sigma 6 short shiftier fitted. + I've been meaning to do a gearbox realignment as I feel 1st and 2nd getting a bit sloppy as of late.

- I took the car out today and about 40 minutes into my drive I pull up at a set of lights.

- Go into 1st and feel almost a crunch, plus its stiff and off where it normally is located.

- Pull it out of 1st, put it back in, Still feels weird (located). Go around the corner, stop, Go into neutral and I then try to drive again. And i cant find 1st.

- After a couple of goes, I eventually find 2nd. Then proceed to nurse the car home (leaving it in 2nd and clutching in at lights).

- Once home, I try to find Neutral and get 3rd.

- Now the car only has 3rd and 4th. No Neutral and No 1,2,5 or 6th gears. or Reverse

- Clutch still works and i can move the car in 3rd (not that i want to), but I no horizontal movement in the gear leaver. So I can only go from 3rd to 4th (under duress).

So, I'm hoping its a failure in the linkage/short-shiftier, but it all looks to be in the right place.
And the fact i have No horizontal movement, leads me to think its more detrimental.

However, I find it weird that I lost all but 2 gears ( couldn't imagine i sheared all the selector forks ? )
Any help would be greatly appreciated, before I start throwing time and money at it.



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Does sound like a linkage problem mate.. All the selector problems I have read about have lost all gears straight away it would be worth stripping the linkage down to check first you might ov had a cable slip thru.. Tho am not to familiar with the short shifter


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I'd put it back to standard linkage and see if the problem is still there... normally when the forks go you have gear lever movement but no gears.. difficulty in selection sounds more like its related to the quick shift kit.... the diesel geek one is a bit trickier to set up than the simple bolt on ones and almost every VAG car I have driven with a quick shift irrespective of make have gear selection issues in some form or other



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Cheers guys, I hope your right.
I've had the shiftier on for a good year and a half. So maybe something has let go.
I might need to drop the box regardless, I don't think the 2nd gear pulls did the original clutch any good.