S3 Electrical ticking noise help?


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My 2015 S3 8V has developed a ticking noise, if anyone could help diagnose the problem I would be very grateful. It occurs as soon as the ignition is on (not the engine) which leads me to believe it is an electrical fault. Once the engine is on then the noise will persist throughout the journey until the car is turned off. It isn't affected by revs etc. It's quite audible sat in the drivers seat and sounds as if it is coming from behind the wiper mounts rather than the engine bay?

I've recently had the battery checked and it's in good condition but needed a charge as the car was sat over Christmas which I have done with a trickle charger.

I've scanned it with Carista and found two faults in the central electronics: Error code 266766 and 267032.



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Wrong thread, you may get better luck on the 8V section but it sound to me like a hydrolic tappet..


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check the engine bay fuse box relays could well be the alarm horn relay going on and off or something similar.

Do a VCDS scan

267032 - Alarm Horn / Siren for Anti-Theft System
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