S3 Eibach pro-kit vs Sportsline


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Hi all,

I've had my 8v s3 for a good few weeks and loving the car. Just past the 1000 mile mark yesterday.

I've changed my alloys to the ones off a a4 dtm (18x8 8j et43) nice flush fitment with no rubbing & put some 225/40 Goodyear f1 tyres on.

Since I've changed the alloys the car looks like is a ****** all-road.

So do any of you have any experience with either of the Eibach kits or any other kits.

The way I see it is pro-kit lowers 10mm all round where as the sportline lowers 25-30 mm more at front for the euro wedge look.

In the past. I've have a couple s3 8p the first had the h&r kit on and the ride shattered your teeth on bumpy motorways. And on the second s3 I went for Eibach which just lowers the front 10mm and was perfect. Hence why I want to stay with Eibach. Unless the new h&r are a vast improvement over the 8p chassis ones. But read a couple threads on here that suggest they still just as bouncy.

Any suggestions or experiences would be great. Oh and any problems with staying oem dampers on the sportline kit could be an issue?



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Cheers Damian.

I'm a right in thinking they more expensive then the h&r kit?

Looks like it could be an import from Germany with the good exchange rate at min