S3 door trims: rust magnet?


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The doors no longer have the plastic trims attached to them. But they might still catch leaves and crap behind the wheel arch liners ;)

Regards, John.


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Really? lol I was examining 55/56 plate A3's in the car park at work which had them. So the S3's doors are metal all the way?


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an S3 is no differnet to any other A3 body-wise and my march 07 A3 has plastic trims at the bottom - so yes they do have plastic trims at the bottom - i for one think this is an extremely good idea since if you ever catch the door on a high kerb or the like it will not rust - plus easier to get repaired dont have to repaint the door. Can't see how these would cause rust, especially since the body of the car is galvanised also.

I would worry in the slightest.