S3 Door Issues


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Hey needing the advice of this forum again!

ive got issues with my drivers door closing, takes ages to get it to close properly and occasionally it will open while driving!!

ive found some threads on here (tried to realighn the door with jack and the windows) but issue still there

do i need to change the lock mechinisim? if so any information on how to and what part numbers i need?

any advice appricated



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Sounds like you need a new latch mate... Couldn't tell you a part number I'm afraid and I wouldn't recommend getting a brand new one anyway if I'm honest!

Maybe Mr @Prawn can advise better, I know he's has some issues here! lol

Alex C

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Is it bouncing on the lock when you close it with the lock failing to catch?


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I am having the same issue With the passengers side door on my a6 just keeps bouncing open ? The drivers one seems to be ok with allot of wd40 and opening and closing.

Any help would be great


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latch mechanism, and a common problem, had to replace mine last year, around £80-£90 from Audi if I recall correctly