S3 Detachable Tow Bar


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Strange one but anyone know if ones availible? Kinda getting to the point now where I may need to tow some stuff (Plus Ring trips with mates in Renaults mean I might need to take a towing-dolly with me! lol)

Wondering if anyone knows of the availibility of one, Audi werent helpful


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Hey fella,

I've been considering fitting one as well so I can use a towbar bike rack.

This is the sort of thing you need...not cheap though unfortunately!


They do a slightly cheaper Westfalia one but it says you need to cut the bumper for it to fit and I don't know about you but I'm not cutting my bumper for anything!!




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Bikerack was my other option as Im not happy trusting my Cannondale on a StrapOn!

Not surprised at all! I bought a cheapo boot rack from Halfords last year and only used it twice cos on the second use the girlfriends bike half fell off, and then both the bottom mounting straps came off leaving the rack swinging from side to side driving down the M275!

Doesn't see to matter how tight you make everything, the straps work themselves loose.


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I just had one of these fitted this morning, well happy with it. When the bar's removed and the electric socket swung up it's barely noticable. I also ordered the Audi A3/S3 specific wiring kit for it too so there was not need to tap into the original wires etc.

I've had it doen for a Thule 903 bike carrier which is also a top piece of kit. I'd recommend the Bosal bar.

By the way, no bumper cut required, Mr Audi leave a nice gap big enough, probably for a tow bar! :salute:



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Out of interest, what exhaust do you have fitted to your car?

Im am looking at fitting a tow bar but am conscious that i have a miltek exhaust system that could possible be different dimensions to the standard exhaust and cause fitting issues.