S3 comically loud, is this right?


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Bought an s3 yesturday (67, Nano grey, black edition) and it's pretty swell tbh.

I went out earlier and decided to set it up so "Individual" = everything on comfort, but dynamic exhaust.

It's really loud and bassy which is nice, hadn't really used it but I had to overtake someone in the middle of Chester (the long straight from the HQ building to the Fountains Roundabout at the top for anyone who knows Chester) earlier and it was pretty loud, almost like my old a3 tfsi was with the backbox delete, and when I changed gear there was a massive bang noise. I then hit traffic lights and had to feel like an embarrassment whilst everyone stared at me (I'm mid 30's) LOL

Are they all this loud? It seems too loud for OEM. I haven't had chance to check if it's all standard or not. It feels like more than 310hp (coming from a 190 a5 b9, honestly it feels twice the power) The great thing is if you click it into Comfort the exhaust noise goes away (ish) so nice and stealthy.

Loving the car!


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Sounds like the car has a resonator delete installed. Factory exhaust (I used to have a 2017 S3) was pretty quiet but after a res delete got a lot louder in Sport.

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Agree with Adam, Sound like either res delete or the tips are coded open - or both.
Look under the car, should be a box close to the rear axle. If you want a res I have one sitting on the top of my skip at the moment in perfect condition.
Some of the noise might be the fake noise coming from the sound actuator built into the firewall. It pipes fake sporty noise into the cabin. I think you can code it off in VCDS or physically disconnect it.


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It's definitely occuring outside. Even just driving normally in comfort it's quite loud and people turn round to see what's coming. A5 was so quiet people used to cross the road without looking infront of me lol (had a GPF, never again). I don't think the valves are coded open as it changes tone and volume at the same revs depending on the different drive selects.

There's also a lot of turbo noise you can hear it spool, makes me wonder if that's standard too.

It's growing on me. Going to Conwy soon so could be fun depending on traffic:

If it's a BCS resonator delete I will be chuffed as I planned on getting that anyway. It's fast enough as it is so the only mod I want is some more progressively comfortable suspension for that "magic carpet" I've been chasing since the H&R's on my old 8p.

I have a ton of questions about this car and will make a new thread soon!