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s3 cluster

jezzy Sep 27, 2012

  1. jezzy

    jezzy Registered User

    thinking my cluster is looking a little dated, never liked the chunky needles.
    just wondering if any one has taken the needles and faces of this 2010 AUDI S3 CLOCKS | eBay and replaced the old needles and faces?
    changing the complete cluster would be a nightmare.
    but after reading the lcd fix on here and seeing the needles and faces come away quite easy(they look like the are some kind of paper) they look interchangable.
    any info much appreciated
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  3. Grazam

    Grazam Registered User

    Hi there Ive had my cluster out more times than I want, real easy to get out and work on 2 screws behind a cover at the bottom of the cluster and then it pulls towards you and then to unplug the wireing connectors and its yours to play with.

    The needs im not sure about if they would fit the facelift difference, the black bit that you see is a plastic card with it all printed on and the led lights show through from behind, it all comes off real simple. 5 mins tops

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