S3 chip results


Thought i would post up my Star Performance chip (GIAC) results from my 2000 210bhp S3 to see what people in the know think about the results?

Before (taken a month before)


Sorry about the poor pics.

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I don't understand the charts TBH, the first one says your stock S3 should be 235bhp or it could be 215, difficult to see(thought they were 225 as standard), it then says that your stock wheel power is 149bhp and assumes that the engine is at 233 bhp (thats a 36% loss due to the drivetrain).

your new figures are 252bhp ATFW taken from 179bhp ATW (29% drivetrain loss). Assuming the same loss due to drivetrain you should have 284bhp ATFW.

was this done with the rear drive disconnected?
The charts look a bit "spikey now", thay have lost that nice smooth curve, they also show a drop off in power and torque at around 800rpm lower down.
sorry to sound negative.

how does it compare when you drive it?
charts mean nothing compared to "seat of pants feel"


Jcb, should of explained the first chart. The figure is 235bhp however when i went to have the car chipped the Dyno run before the map showed 210bhp (car is 210bhp model) and the wheel output was still 149bhp a 29% loss. Was told the 235bhp run was due to the Haldex playing up. (was not told this at the time :no: left thinking it was genuine 235bhp)

The run and chip was done at Star Performance on a 4x4 roller.

As for the spikey charts that is really why i posted, i also thought that it should be nice smooth curves also a bit more power and torque would of been nice.

The drop off in power 800rpm lower down, not sure if that is a bad thing :think:

Feels a lot better on the road, more punch :)


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im sorry, but i would not be trusting them if the first run was 235 and the 2nd unmapped was 210.. some fudging of results there somewhere


Don't know if it makes any difference but the 235bhp run was done about 2 months before having it chipped. Then on the day the before run showed 210bhp (no graph to prove). The power at the wheels was 149bhp both times.

Star told me it was due to the Haldex controller, does this sound feasible ?


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Have to admit that spikey graph looks rough to me...

I'd be looking for a cleaner run than that.