S3 carbon rear diffuser


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Hey all as the title say's i would like to get some carbon parts for my S3 for Xmas, I've seen mirror caps at my local Audi but cant find a carbon rear diffuser. Any know of any sites that sell them?

Might be worth just getting mine wrapped...

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Haven't seen any around, am interested myself. Thought about wrapping it up but would prefer a more aggressively styled diffuser to be honest..


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Yeah same, when i had my M3 there was a load of choice.


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Reviving this thread as I'm trying to source a carbon diffuser for my S3 Sportback but having trouble finding one.
Anyone know where to get one?


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I've used BKS-Tuning and Carbon Designs in the past with no issues. In fact I've just ordered a carbon rear valance for my S7 from them.

The carbon components are made to order, so delivery is anything up to 8 weeks. I've has carbon from them in the past, and it's top quality, not Chinese copies. :racer: