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S3 Cabriolet

Mike1981 Mar 14, 2016

  1. Mike1981

    Mike1981 Registered User

    Any owners here with an honest opinion on owning one. Took one on a test drive yesterday from Poole Audi and was blown away with how good it made me feel ! Never thought twice about having one before until now ha ha
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  3. Terence

    Terence Registered User

    I am a 1 week old owner of the A3 Cabriolet and dont have that much input yet except after test driving one we decided to get one :)
    Initially the plan was to order the A1 but after a test drive we fell in love...
    Its our second car so we are not dependant on the car although boot space is really good considering the vehicle type, the foldable "pouch" for the roof in the boot is very smart, increasing the space close to the sedan...

    Ive never had a Cabriolet before so I had to give it a go!
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  4. Simon L

    Simon L Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    I don't own one but saw a Sepang blue S3 cab along the seafront yesterday, top down and looked absolutely stunning :)
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  5. Mike1981

    Mike1981 Registered User

    Idea was to test drive an S3 SB but the cab was the only S3 available to take out. Was such a great experience and wasn't expecting to love it so much. Only trouble is my budget won't stretch to an S3 cab. So now have to make a decision on whether to stick with a SB S3 or bite the bullet and get a cab s-line with all the toys and the 1.4 COD !!
  6. thebluefox

    thebluefox Registered User

    I love the look of them with the roof down, but hate the look with the roof up. And ultimately with our weather the roof will be up more than its down!
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  7. Chris4410

    Chris4410 Registered User

    My thoughts are the same, it looks great with the roof down no doubt but it is not a nice looking car with the roof up and in this country your roof will be up 80 to 90% of the time
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  8. pburv

    pburv Registered User

    If you are going ahead with getting a cabriolet make sure it has the acoustic hood option(actually I think it's standard from s line upwards?).
    I had a sport version for 2 weeks and it did not have this option and to be honest I thought it was quite noisy with the roof up on the motorways..
    Also there seemed to be quite a few rattles and squeaks than I expected from a new car..As this was my first experience with driving a cabriolet I did enjoy the novelty of driving with the roof down.I think I had it down every day I had it even though it wasn't sunny,just put the heater on full and it was quite lovely....:friends:.Hope it hasn't put you off in anyway I'm sure they are great cars just not what I could live with from day to day.Probably best as a weekend car or short break kind of car....:footy:
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  9. Spin140

    Spin140 Registered User

    Just px mine for an RS3, it was sepang with lunar and I absolutely loved it, if I had known how much I would have loved owning it I would never have ordered the RS. Can be really practical and sits 4 in comfort plus sounds amazing roof up or down, I'd have another in a heart beat. Refinement, performance good, feel good factor exceptional, my favourite car to date.
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  10. Shtaka

    Shtaka Registered User

    Wow. You guys in the UK get an S3 cab! Here in the states we can only get an A3 cab, which I have and like very much. The S3 must be fantastic.
  11. Simon L

    Simon L Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    ......which kinda begs the question why did you part-ex it?
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  13. deangelj

    deangelj Registered User

    Also you need the Wind Deflector otherwise you get a fair bit of air coming through the front seats from behind. I can now drive over 100kph with minimal buffeting.

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