S3 broke down - clutch related - help please!


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After a quick trip to the shops I returned home, tried to put the car in reverse to park and heard a big juddering sound. I couldn't engage the gear so I turned the engine off and back on again, clutch pedal is all the way to the floor, gear in neutral and I can't change gears. I pushed the car to the side and noticed some fluid on the road. Upon looking under the car I noticed there is a leak, coming from the area circled in red in the photo below (wheel in picture is the front driver side wheel).

Car is basically dead as I can't move it, and was planning a trip to the Cotswolds with the Mrs and the new baby in 2 weeks! Will this be a big job to fix? I guess it needs to be towed to a garage now, any and all advice much appreciated. Car is a 2008 S3, 27k miles and I've had it since new. Gutted!

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