S3 brake calliper problem!


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So today I set about changing the front discs and pads on my S3 and so far after 6 hours I have one side apart and am stuck!

As I was changing the disc I set about removing the calliper carrier, the top bolt came undone fine however after probably too much brute force the bottom bolt sheared off. It was then that I realised I could just swing the carrier down with some more force and remove the disk :grumpy:

After this slight drawback I set about drilling the bolt out...4 drill bits down, 5mm into the bolt and I realised it wasn't going to be that simple so I went off and had a think. On return I swung the carrier down a bit more and realised that the bolt was actually seized within the hub where it attaches to the car, which is totally smooth and not threaded like the carrier. With this new found knowledge I've tried prising the carrier off with a breaker bar between it and the hub, lots of smacking with a hammer and also heat, none of which have got the ******* off!

Has anyone had this issue and if so how did you solve it?



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On my tdi when I changed wheel bearing the whole hub assembly came as one part so you could just change that?


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You are talking re the drilled bit in the caliper holding bracket shown at bottom of pic?

It may need to be heated with a flame so it expands and breaks the corrosion bond.


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It looks very dry to me, I assume you haven't tried lots of penetrating fluid. The material used for these bolts is high spec high tensile steel so drilling them is always going to be difficult, I am struggling to understand how you managed to take the head of one of these bolts as they are pretty tough.
what have you been using for heat?
A really good home made penetrating fluid better than almost all of the commercial brands is a 50/50 mix of ATF and Acetone (AKA nail varnish remover) .


Raid the wife / girlfriends make up box and find some thinish oil ATF is good but any oil will work.
Make sure you don't get it near any paintwork but this stuff soes work really well.
You may have to remove the complete strut to get it in a vice / press to get that bolt out, the problem on a car is any impact usually goes into compressing suspension bushes or is absorbed in the suspension.