S3 and a Squeeker?


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Are you sitting comfortably, then I'll begin

What with the bun in the missus oven growing, I've been thinking more and more about how practicle the S3 is going to be once he/she arrives.

Especially when I think of anyone trying to get in the back of the S3 now, with the crappy tilty forward mechanism on the Recaros, and the not to mention the shallow boot floor. I never thought I'd hear myself saying this, but how the hell am I going to get a pram in the back of there.

Does anyone out there actually own an S3, and also have a young child, with baby seat, prams, big fluffy bags etc, who can shed some light on this?

I do have a couple of options available to me though, which is driving me completely nuts.

Option No 1, is to not bother even trying to get the squeeker and all the gubbins into the S3. I could just use the wifes Golf. The problem with this scenario though is that I cant ****** stand it. Its a 5 door 2.0 Gti wobbly, gutless Gti wannabe, the missus likes it though. Also another problem with this idea is that the S3 would get used even less than it does now. (Its a weekend car since I got myself a van for work.) and is lucky to get one run out a week. That'd be an expensive garage ornament. I suppose I could just polish it and look at it.

Option No 2, is to sell the S3 and the wobbly Golf and group the funds, and buy something that is going to be practicle enough for both of us to use daily, that'll cater for all the gubbins that comes with a Squeeker, but still be able to blow out the cobwebs and wake me up on a weekend, after all the sleepless nights.

I wish I wasnt this flaming indecisive.

Anyway after going out today and buying baby stuff, we happened (honest it wasnt planned) to drive past the local Seat dealers.
I've always quite liked the Leon Cupra R's, so thought I'd call in and have a look at a few, just to try and get some juices flowing. We ended up test driving one. Its definately a different kettle of fish to the S3. Just as quick (it was Revo'd) as the S3, but completely different feel. Could I get used to 2 wheel drive again, torque steer and wheel spinning /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif. To be honest I dont know. Therefore to keep in with the 4 wheel drive I've also been considering an S4 or A4 avant. So we had a quick look in the local Audi dealers also. They had a lovely A4 avany 1.8TQ Sportline. I just dont know if I can be done with driving around in an estate car. I'm more of a hatchback man myself.

See what I mean about being indecisive.

So guys what do you reckon?


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I reckon you should get an A4/S4 Saloon....bags of space and enough power to keep you happy at the same time! Just my opinon. Good luck with whatever decision and good luck with the baba when it arrives....mine is due in 2 months /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ok.gif


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i'm moving across from an S3 to an Avant, and i've not even got kids! Just a family of bikes to look after though.
go for the avant above, if you get one with the GMBH kit, i believe its an even better looking car than the s3!
As for practicality, the avant is probably only marginally larger on load carrying than the saloon. Having said that, i have had a 6 by 5 mattress folded into 2 inside one, but only with the front seat tilted forward at about 60 degrees /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

stay with the 4 rings mate- Seat is nice, but its a Seat. If you get the sportline(i'm assuming its a 190 model, a stage 1 will take it up to about 243horses. I have driven a 190, and its what i'm going to try and get next. So, so easy to drive at slower speeds than the S3 /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ok.gif


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THe guy i bought my s3 off,had the same predicament he went for a leon cupra tdi (150) 5 door these when chipped are around 200bhp and 300lb/t and fairly cheap too.


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i kept my s3 with 2 young kids and baby seats etc - did long journeys / family trips in my wifes car but put up with the rear for taking them to nursery etc.

looked at alternatives but couldnt find a good s4 avant locally and coulnt afford an rs4 at the time

enjoyed the s3 too much to get rid of it, and upgraded s3 to big turbo rather than go down s4/rs4 route.

you just have to find a smaller pram that will fit in the s3 boot, and declutter the baby gear to the bare minimum!


I am in the same boat, our baby is due in September and I am keeping the S3, found plenty of 3 wheelers that will go in the boot with room to spare for the "fluffy bags" to go on top.
Prams = smallest being Asahi Scirocco 3 & Twister Folded dimensions 77cm x 54 x 28, then Phil and Teds E3 Single 91cm x 58 x 27, also from other posts on this subject the Quinney 3 Wheeler 97 x 65.5 x 36cm is said to fit fine, but for me the best for price and size = Urban Detour Xtreme 3-wheeler travel system from Mothercare - in different colours and prices 91 x 57 x 47cm.

Measuring the boot all the above will fit fine. Have even tested with my brothers 3 wheeler and that is bigger and it went in with more room than I thought. As for baby seats well with 1 child it will be fine if a little bit of a squeeze putting them in the child seat, but I plan to have a Britax Isofix fitted behind my seat (no leg room for passengers anyway as I am tall) and that leaves plenty of room behind the missus seat for an adult. As for carrying space should we need to go away, I am looking at a set of Aero roof rails and possibly a roof box.

Hope this helps as I have thought long and hard about getting rid of the S3 and I don't think I need to for at least 3 years /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif


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Just to help ya Paul,

At the moment I currently do a taxi run to and from work for a colleague who's just had her second baby /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

So I constantly have a baby seat in the back of the car (much easier to leave it in their rather than carry the freakin thing with baby in - they do shoot up...FAST! at first it was really light, but now she's like doing weightlifting every time I put her in! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/lol.gif

anyway....at first thought, this is gonna be well tough, ya know tilting seat forward and all that? but it's surprisingly very easy indeed. Tilt the seat forward and very easy to get baby in baby seat - my mate can even stand in in the car with door shut (she's only over 5 ft like and still ducking) but manages very easily.

As for buggies I'm not sure what will fit and what not - but someone above already answered that - get a Mclaren one....just coz it has Mclaren on! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/lol.gif heh

I think you'll find the worst thing is adopting a new driver style of going very steadily. It's so freakin annoying, I don't drive insane but I like to get up to speed nice and quick and keep momentum constant. The amount of a$$holes that will cut you up, want to race and hang on your *** will seriously annoy you. Once baby is dropped off I take the long way home just to give the A3 a bit of a deserved blast!

Hope this helps in your decision weighing up! Do you know of anyone who has recently had a baby (and trusts you enough to take them out in an S3 /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/lol.gif) - perhaps you could do an experiment taking them all out for a test run? might sound a little drastic, but if you're seriously trying to weigh up the options this might help? See what works and what doesn't?

Rob /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif


but for me the best for price and size = Urban Detour Xtreme 3-wheeler travel system from Mothercare - in different colours and prices 91 x 57 x 47cm.

[/ QUOTE ]

Height being important in the S3's boot as it has reduced boot height due to the 4 Wheel drive system which is around 40-45 cm to lower window (shelf) when I measured it with a tape measure.

I also forgot to mention that I measured the above quoted prams height to see if it was indeed 47cm, it measured at around 42cm and IIR that was with the wheels on and all 3 of them come off very easily /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif

It also comes with....
Shopping basket and storage pocket
Deluxe reversible faux fur-lined cosytoe included that zips off to leave comfy padded seat liner
Co-ordinating rucksack
Mothercare Weathershield™ included
Infant Carrier: Group 0+ portable rear facing car seat suitable from birth up to 13kg (29lbs) approx. 12-15 months (secured by adult seat belt)

All for £295 :)

Or there is the cheaper version in black Urban Detour Xtreme 3 wheeler travel system - Giraffe
For £275


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Just hope its not twins otherwise your choice will be made for you.


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Back on topic...

I can understand the desire to keep the S3...but you also need to consider your wife's back, and the size and weight of your baby.

My mother caused damage to her back when I was born...lifting a 9lb+ baby in and out of a 3 door car with bad access...
I'd hate your other half to suffer the same fate...

If it'll only be you that'll be loading the small thing in and out...it's perhaps less of an issue...but notewirthy none the less.

If we are all honest, the S3 is no use for small things until they are able to get themselves in and out under their own power...until that point, the poor rear access will have you twisting your spine into all sorts of unpleasant shapes trying to get them sorted out.

I've got a dodgy back too (after verious bike accidents!) and i'd not even think about lifting a baby seat cossetted small thing in and out of an S3 on a regular basis...I'd spend more time off work laid up, that fit and active!

Just a few points to consider...
The first time you tweak your spine carrying out the task...it'll be time to get rid of the 3 dr car!


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Few points...


Abuse of fellow users....

Irrelevant information....

I've had to delete the rest of this thread due to the derogatory content and general irrelevance.

FatLad - Sense of humour observed, but there are limits - any more lines crossed and you'll be on the end of a one week or two ban dilema (Glen is really itching to ban someone, I can tell!)

Sorry to other posts which may have been on topic, but it takes ages to prune out 28 bun fight posts.

I trust this is the last word on this matter.. If someone disagrees we'll lock the thread, which is a shame for the original poster and those who contributed.

As you were gents...


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FatLad - Sense of humour observed, but there are limits - any more lines crossed and you'll be on the end of a one week or two ban dilema (Glen is really itching to ban someone, I can tell!)

[/ QUOTE ]

You can tell...but nobody else can as you have removed my caustic post on the subject!

There goes my good mood... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif


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R88per, see if the missus can put an S3 recaro forward with one hand when on a hill with the front of the car pointing up (it aint easy especially with the wee one in the other hand) and also there are plenty prams that fit in the boot but thats about all you'll fit in, not much good when you try to fit the shopping aswell. The amount of gear you need when you go that weekend away is more than you think and you'll end up pilling it the back seat next to the baby not really a good idea. You can get by with the S3 but for practicality the A4 estate is perfect


When our baby comes along, I will be keeping the S3 and will be getting the little lady a Golf, so problem solved as I see it.

[/ QUOTE ]

This is what I planned on doing, getting the wife a Focus Ghia 5dr, all mod cons and bags of sapce /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif

Gonna get a sticker for the Ford that say's "my other car is an Audi S3" /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

Joke by the way....


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I was going to get a sticker made up sayng,"Baby on board - agressive mother driving" /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif


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I like the R32, although never test drove one. But unfortunately just outside our budget.


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I test drove the cupra r aswell as I was passing the dealers at darlington and just fancied having a play!

Was fairly impressed with it, was quick and looked the part. Only thing is the dealers tend to hike the prices of 2nd hand ones way up or are you thinking of buying a brand new one?

Your S3 is nice but to be honest a 3dr car with seats like the s3 will be a nightmare for you plus yours is worse to get things in with it being so low!

Anyway if you do sell the S3 remember you have to pass something onto me first.....remember?



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Lots of good comments from everyone..so let me tell you my thoughts 1 year in with baby evo.

Firstly ...count yourselves lucky S3 owners...there was no way even pre baby that SWMBO would approve a 3 dr car! SO that left me with arguably the next best thing ie, 5 dr 1.8TQ.
Believe me ...5 doors are VERY beneficial...i think particularly during the first year of babies life.

During the first say 9 months your baby needs to be facing rearwards...and the prospect of placing baby into car seat if already strapped into car...or placing baby and car seat in through the S3 door aperture is going to test your patience/back. But its gets worse....even with 1 young baby and being fairly tough about what luggage you carry when going to see those all important grandparents you'll find A3/S3 space is maxed out...

consider this list for a sub 1 year old

Toy Bag
Baby holdall bag - clothes /nappies etc
Sterilisation kit + bottles (several)
Travel cot in carry bag
Pram - 3 wheeler with 12" wheels (essential for escaping out off tarmac surfaces and actually getting into countryside)
Travel bag for baby - handy to get to bag for changing at 10 pm at night nappies in your car whlst parked up at your local glorious motorway service station.

And not to mention clothes/toileteries for wifey and you = at least 1 large holdall/rucksack

Forget about suitcases = no chance

pram AND travelcot in boot = no chance (unless of cheap nasty varieties)

Now ..i appreciate some of this can be eliminated , eg, make all grandparents buy there own travel cot...sterilisation kit is no longer required after 1 year etc. But with the above list your boot WiLL be full (should still be able to get parcel shelf in though)...your back seat area will be full and probably your wife (presumably in passenger seat ) will have her seat further forward than liked and maybe even a bag at her feet!

The things that REALLY swallow A3/S3 space is prams and travel cots...and your going to have to be with pram for the best part of 3 ish years. Having the 5 doors for us has made life far easier on our backs ..and so much easier for placing bags in and around the rear seat space, but we've still been cramped.

Life is now getting easier since sterilisation has finished, also baby evo is now in a front facing seat = more room generally between baby and front seats.

Best choice of 3 wheelers...well lots have been mentioned...we've got a Jane (pronounced hanney) = great but expensive...however if you're thinking along the lines of 2 x babies (close together) then consider the Phil and Teds E3 3 wheeler....if i'ld known about that one a year ago it could have saved me a few quid! The E3 collapses excellently and does fit in the 1.8TQ/S3 boot...plus it grows to take 2 children!

In summary if your wife is patient and has a good back...life with one child and an S3 is possible..but if you get to 2.... forget it. Stay within the audi marque and get an Avant...although appreciate all those aspiring to S4/A4 s-lines the rear leg room in an A4 (B5/B6) is actually quite rubbbish and hardly different from a 5 door A3. Imagine driving along with urchin and getting constant whallops from behind from those beautiful little legs.......

To get real usable rear leg room ..go A6 Avant ...with humongous boot space....and while you collect the flat cap at the door consider that both the new and old A6 do actaully have some potency...chipped V6 TDIs....S6 if you can stetch...bi turbo 2.7T chipped (if you can find one)...new 3 litre TDI....there are options.....it's just ...shall we say....a period of head adjustment is required!


Evo /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif


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Jam - definately wouldnt be a brand new one, dont fancy the drive off the forecourt depreciation. It'd be the private used market I'd be looking at.

Oh and dont worry I havnt forgot. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif Dont know which route to take at the moment - modded or standard - more investigation required.

Evo - thanks for your views and the PM, I'd not thought about the rear facing child seat. I suppose that just adds weight to the advantage of 5 doors.
Regarding the numbers of squeekers to be added to the household, were only planning the one at the moment. Plus the Grandparents have already been out and bought shares in ToysRus and Mothercare, so the lugging of travel cots and sterilisers etc etc should be at a minimum.

When comparing the S3 to the LCR, the size difference seemed quite a lot. It did seem a lot more roomy, and the boot space was huge in comparison.
Like I've said above somewhere, I think my mind is made up, and when I change it'll be to a LCR. It'll allow me to kid myself that I'm not getting old and turning into a family man /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/lol.gif.

I'll leave the avants alone for now, as the only models I'd like to own are out of my budget. Plus I think I've got a few more years in me yet before I need to move into the "family /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" car market and I get my pipe and slippers