S3 Alu mirror replacement


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Does anyone have any experience of 88-tunings' products ?

Since having my S3 Matt Alu mirrors stolen a couple of times I have fitted colour coded mirrors to my '07 S3.

In the future I'd like to replace the Alu mirrors again, however I do not want to pay £168 / side that Audi charge for the Alu caps.

My question is this - How do 88-tunings Matt Alu mirror caps compare to Audis', will I be able to tell the difference in fit and finish ?

Any thoughts appriciated


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Fit wise they are fine but finish is nothing like the originals.

Don't get me wrong, they are not bad but if you were to put them side by side then it would be very obvious which is which.

I actually have the 88-tuning ones and I am more than happy with the compromise. I simply couldn't justify the £300+ for the originals.


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Thanks for your reply - do you have any pictures of them on your car that you could post?