S3 alarm help please


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Today I changed my drivers window regulator, glass and the whole frame (apparently the easiest way to change if you have a snapped window wire)

So all went well and everything reconnected and put back together fine. Window up and down, door locks and opens as it should.

Problem is that when I lock my car the led on the door flashed like crazy then settled down to a slower pace and then after about 10 mins it sounds the siron as tho it's being broken into.

I re checked every connection and all the wires for breakages but it won't amend.

What do you think the problem could be?

Thanks in advance.


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# Sorry I ment to say passenger window


Defo worth the wait :)
Not too sure what it could be, the led normally flashes fast for 60 seconds to say its arming, then it slows down after that.

Have you checked to make sure you havent knocked or damaged the microswitch which advises if the door is closed or not?

When you arm the car, does the light inside stay on, or when you are in the car and the doors are closed, does the dash indicate any of the doors are open??

Maybe worth doing a scan on the car, as that will identify why the alarm has triggered via VCDS.


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I checked the in dash and that's fine.

I checked the connections and again all good.

Only thing I havnt done is a scan as I havnt purchased one yet. Would a hand held one out of euro car parts show that type of fault?

The flashing initially when locked is realy fast. Then slows down to about one every second now. I remember it used to flash a wee bit after locking before and then slow down to about three flashes a minute.

Sooo annoying lol