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S3 (8v) To Scirocco R?

AndyB-S3 Nov 8, 2017

  1. AndyB-S3

    AndyB-S3 Well-Known Member Team Panther Team Samoa Orange Audi S3 Audi TT

    As the title suggests, has anyone made the switch.?

    I am in a dilemma as to what car to get next, I really want an RS3 but for the limited mileage I do I can't justify spending the extra cash. Scirocco R is somewhat more affordable for a newer car, in relation to what RS I could get. And I have always had a soft spot for R's.

    Just wondering what the drive etc would be like in comparison, I am thinking not much difference considering I mainly do town journeys.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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  3. phantom_s3

    phantom_s3 Member

    So hopefully this will help - I went from a Scirocco R to an S3 8V. Mine was a 2011 Scirocco R which had 261bhp I know the new one has been updated. The Scirocco was a very good car and I loved it, solid VW great for everyday use and a good turn of speed when you wanted to have some fun, handling was good, not really anything bad to say about it, the shape makes it a bit impractical coupe shape, access to rear seats and large boot but small opening but if these aren't concerns then no worries. The fundamental design of the Scirocco is getting on a bit based on Mk 5 golf. 280ps is a lot through the front wheels and even with the EFD (and it was only 265ps) the front wheels would spin up and initial traction was tricky especially in wet/damp I got through quite a lot of front tyres. My S3 was a 2014 sport back it was a great car never but a foot wrong, 4WD meant much more useable performance, more practical, better ride (I had mag ride), quality and interior ahead of the VW. I though the Scirocco was a great car but the S3 was better. Hope this helps happy to answer any other questions.
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