S3 8V service schedule


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Spoke to an Audi specialist this morning re servicing costs as my thoughts were if i dont use the main dealer i dont have to remove the DTUK box before it goes in for a service.

My MMI and Book that came with the car says - Oil change every 9000 Miles, and Service every 19000 or 2 years.

The guy on the phone said the long life service is just a service every 19000 / 2 years without the oil change.

Can someone confim which is right?

Theres no way im going to run the oil in an S3 for 19000 miles, but if it isnt a service requirement ill do the interim oil changes myself.


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Loads on service intervals if you search "service"

Try this link as a start


In a nutshell there are two regimes ..annual service schedule which is the one your car seems to be set to with oil changes after 9000 miles.

Then there is the long life schedule which gives 19,0000 miles until first oil change which is designed for people driving 10+K miles per annum.

So maybe the advice you got was based on greater than 10k miles per annum?

That said I am with you regarding oil change interval for an S3, I will be doing between 10-12K a year but will have mine set for the standard 9000 mile oil change frequency. Will increase overall service costs but you have got a high performance car after all and cant expect to run it on a shoe string budget