S3 8V PFL Brake pad wrong size?


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Mar 30, 2021
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Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well!

I recently changed discs and pads all round and I have noticed on all four corners the discs are wearing fine, but close to the hub side of the disc face the brake pad isn't making contact with the disc and leaving around a 4mm or 5mm gap of unused disc and it is squealing when I brake occasionally. I have since taken of the rear caliper pins and re-lubed with lithium based grease (before was copper grease) and re-greased the front pad backs too, as I assumed the calipers weren't moving freely. The pads on the front or the back aren't overhanging on the outer edge of the disc but are parallel with the edge.
I used euro car parts to source the pads and the dimensions were correct to what Audi say to use, but I didn't check the height until now and the front pads seem to only be 64/65mm tall. I did however check the old discs and pads to the new ones as I fitted them and they were the exact same, I had no reason the measure them as they went on with no issue at all and were exactly the same as the ones I took off.
So I am left to assume that the pads and/or the discs are the wrong size and the ones I had on before (fitted by previous owner) were also the wrong size by a few mm. I will attach some photos to help better understand. Any help is greatly appreciated, as this is really bothering and I cant seem to find a definitive answer.

Thanks again for any help!


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Is lithium grease something that should be used on brakes? Won't it get less viscous under heat and potentially migrate to the pads?

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