S3 8v geometry setup?


Anyone here with an s3 8v had a play with casters and cambers? Mines in for a geometry check on the 2nd of december, wondered if anyone had a setup for me to try....


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did you get some modify to your setup?

i'm starting on mine..


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So i'm finally going to fit some parts next week to improve the S3 handling for track use.

-Powerflex bushes BlackSeries on the lower control arms for a -0.33° caster.
-Powerflex bushes BlackSeries on the rear trailing arms
-034 static camber plates for -1,4° camber.
-034 front subframe locking collar kit
-Toyo R888R

Almost all parts are focused on the front of the car beacuse for me it needs some help.

let's see what improvement I'll have.