S3 8P remap stages, lesson learned!

Sam-S3 8P

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Hi, I know that this has probably been discussed before, and its probably hardly news to most, but I just thought I would share my experiences with anyone out there considering remapping their s3 8p. In a nutshell what I have learnt the hard way I may add, is that stage 2 in my experience pretty much seems a waste of time effort and money. If you have already gone stage 1, in my case the gap between that and stage 2 wasn't that massive as say stock to stage 1. If I had my time again, and if you are thinking of going above stage 1 I would implore you to get the fuel pump done as a priority plus then the other bolt on upgrades and go immediately to stage 2+ the difference is noticable and the car seems so much more responsive and has the mid range that felt choked before. So in summary I'm now a happy stage2+ owner rather than being so frustrated by the pit falls I found with stage 2, don't be like me!